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  • Full Name: 3 3DO Magazine(US) Oct 1995
  • Issue October/November 1995
  • Date October 1995
  • Region: US
  • Barcode: 0 74470 74711 11
  • Cover Disc No
  • Notes:


  • Editor of the Magazine visited the 3DO offices with other publications (This was August 95), they saw some unreleased 3DO titles at the time, including Killing Time and Bladeforce, but also Decathlon, it was quoted that the team working on the game were very proud of the high level of graphics. They also mentioned they met with 3 different development teams that had each created their own 3D engines for the 3DO. (Page 4)
  • M2 - The editor quotes how the hardware was on track but 3DO decided to hold back the hardware due to lack of software support, this is partly due to their experience with launching the 3DO plus the 32X launch. They also visited the hardware lab to get an update on how far the M2 had come, including reducing the size of the circuitry by at least half which will make it more efficient and cost effective, and there was a demo about its video ability (Page 4)

3 Readers Forum

  • Only one readers letter worth noting, this was about the M2 having Arcade ports at launch of the M2, the magazine replied back that its delayed due to lack of software, however, several industry observers, software developers will have titles available by Q1 of 1996 (Page 6)


  • Her Interactive - Small article about how the developer is developing games for the female 3DO market but doesnt state which ones (Page 10)
  • Two Player Gun Game - Small Article about how American Laser Games is releasing two player gun games, names include Drug Wars, Last Bounty Hunter, The GunSlinger Collection, Mad Dog 2, Crime Patrol and Shoot Out at Old Tuscon (Page 10)
  • Readysoft - Small Article about Readysofts new website, that provides information on upcoming releases including Braindead 13, Dragons Lair, Space Ace, Robinsons Requiem and Ishar 3 (Page 10)
  • 3DO Company Plans to Diversify - Longer article on 3DOs future, it plans to 3 areas of direction, licencing the M2, PC Publishing and software publishing including Internet games. With the M2, they are looking at PC Hardware, Arcades and digital disc players. With the publishing side, they have titles coming out like Killing Time, Bladeforce, Captain Quazar and Battlesport as well as working on more than 10 M2 titles internally (Pages 10 & 11)
  • Art Data Announces two new titles - Randy Scott quoted saying their version of Doom should be called Doom 3 as it contains a never seen before 4th episode, which includes 9 new levels, new weapons/monsters/sound effects. Also included is Chess Wars, on how they hired a 3 time Emmy Award Producer (Pages 11 & 12)
  • Wing Commander 4 - How the game is coming out 1H 1996. (Page 12)
  • Domark Studios - Article covering the release of Flying Nightmares (Page 12)


  • Behind Closed Games - Overvall of what games are coming up and they saw during their visit to 3DO HQ, these include D, Daedalus Encounter, Primal Rage, 11th Hour (Due out Holiday 95), Deathkeep, Dragon Lore, Foes of Ali, Killing Time, Captain Quazar, Star Fighter, Snow Job, Phoenix 3, Golden Gate and BC Racer (Pages 42-45)


  • Battlesport - Quarter Page Preview (Page 46)
  • Quarterback Attack - 3 Quarters page Preview (Pages 46-47)


Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Pg No(s) Rating
Space Hulk Electronic Arts Jason D'Aprile 4 13-16 N/A
BladeForce Studio 3DO Jason D'Aprile 3 17-19 N/A
Mazer American Laser Games Jason D'Aprile 3 20-22 N/A
Iron Angel Of The Apocalypse Panasonic Jason D'Aprile 3 26-28 N/A
Ballz Panasonic Jason D'Aprile 3 29-31 N/A
CPU Bach Microprose JJ Murray 2 38-39 N/A
  • Space Hulk - Once again, EA has scored. Space Hulk is a long, involving, and utterly challenging piece of software. It looks incredible, sounds great, and plays smoothly.
  • Bladeforce - It looks great, provides virtually complete freedom of movement through its immense levels and will keep you occupied for hours. Make no doubt about it, Studio 3DO has finally come of age. This game rocks.
  • Mazer - Overall, American Laser Games may very well have a bright future as they branch away from their traditional live action gun games, but Mazer could have used more care.
  • Iron Angel Of The Apocalypse - The Japanese version of Iron Angel was good and the US release is even better. And for those who do make it through the game and enjoyed the journey take heart, the sequel, Tetsujin Returns, is already in production. And I can't wait.
  • Ballz - Until M2 comes around, Ball z is the best example of a 3D fighter available on the 3DO. Definitely good stuff all around.
  • CPU Bach - If you know someone who already owns it, borrow C.P.U. Bach to see how you like it


  • Mazer - Page 23
  • Ballz - Pages 29-37



  • Panasonic 3DO Real Zone - Jimmy Whadda-Bout - 2 page advert featuring screenshots of Gex, Daedalus Encounter, Road Rash, Need for Speed, Slam N Jam and Off World Interceptor (Pages 2-3)
  • Panasonic 3DO Real Zone - D - 1 Page Ad with the game (Page 5)
  • Panasonic 3DO Real Zone - Carrier Fortress at Sea - Full page ad (Page 7)
  • Studio 3DO - More Wholesome Fun - 2 Page ad featuring Screenshots of games "Only on 3DO", these include BattleSport, Star Fighter, Snow Job, Captain Quazar, Golden Gate and Phoenix 3 (Pages 24-25)
  • Primal Rage - Back page ad covering the Goldstar release (Back page)


  • 4th Dimension Entertainment - 2 page retail advert listing 150+ games including unreleased ones - Naked Reunion, Passion Files, Winner Takes All, Wonder Lust, Electronic Housing Planner, ESPN Baseball: Catching, ESPN Baseball: Defensive Play, ESPN Baseball: Pitching, ESPN Football: Defensive Backfield, ESPN Football: Linemen, ESPN Football: Quarterback, ESPN Football: Receiver, ESPN Golf: Lower Your Score with Tom Kite - Swing/Putt, ESPN Let's Play Baseball, ESPN Let's Play Basketball, Peter Pan, Silly Classix: At The Museum, Tigernaut: Beyond the Stars, 11th Hour, Shadowcaster, Air Warrior, BIOS Fear, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Chess Wars, Clay Fighter 2, Cyberclash, Deadly Skies, Dragon Tales, Dragons Lair 2, Duelin Fireman, Firewall, Firewolves, Golden Gate, Humans, Ice & Fire, InteractV Aerobics, Isis, Lemmings 3, Lemmings Chronicles, Livewire Interactive Exercise, Loadstar, Lost Vikings, Maximum Surge, NHL Hockey, Penn & Teller, Real Line, Return to Zork, Rock Rap N Roll 2, Slam Dunk With Scottie Pippen, Star Trek The Next Generation, Theo The Dinosaur, Varunas Forces and Waterworld (Pages 48-49)


  • Publisher - Joyce Hicks
  • Assistant Publisher - Robert Hicks
  • Intern - Nicholas Pacheco
  • Circulation Manager - Doris Gamble
  • Traffic Manager - Robert Gamble
  • Marketing Manager - Ernest Viveiros
  • Editor - Don Hicks
  • Hardware Editor - Ernest Viveiros
  • Illustrator - Brian Fox
  • Contributing Editors - Robb James, Scott Brown