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  • Full Name: Club 3DO: Station Invasion
  • Code:
  • Type: Edutainment, Quiz game
  • Developer: Studio 3DO
  • Publisher: The 3DO Company
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 1994
  • Region: NA
  • Barcode: 7 90561 01594 9
  • Local Title:
  • Rarity: 1
  • Notes:


Club 3DO: Station Invasion is an educational game, presented as a game show and designed for children ages 7 to 14. Your job is to be the best producer at an all-kid television station. Choose from five hit shows: a sitcom, game show, talk show, soap opera and a mystery adventure. Solve the puzzles and challenges of each show to get higher ratings. The game provides a mix of computer graphics and live character video.

Game Play

A bunch of kids have bought out a local TV station and replaced all the adults, resulting in the creation of KID-TV. The station now plays six different shows, each of which is hosted by one of the six playable characters. Billy is the star of sitcom “I’m Grounded”, Angelica heads the soap opera “Sundaes of Our Lives”, Bryce is the host of “Mysteries Shmysteries”, ‘Sopha Sinfree’ runs a talk show named after herself, and Ernie is the host behind “What’s That Smell?”. Not among the playable cast are newshost Mary Carp and her cohost, John.

Station Invasion is a game in which kids solve puzzles to gain rating points.


Development of Station Invasion was led by Ed Rotberg, previously a key figure on Battlezone. The project was developed in eight months. Paul Drury of Retro Gamer called the production of Station Invasion "painfully short".


Next Generation reviewed the game, rating it three stars out of five, and stated that "If you're under eight, it's a scream.

Magazine Reviews

Name Date Region Rating Notes
Game Players Mar 95
Flag of the United States.png
75% In both structure and style, this bears a strong resemblance to Twisted, an oddball game show game that came out last year for the 3DO. Like Twisted, Station Invasion is pretty funny to start with, then gets kind of dull as you run through everything the disk has to show you for the umpteenth time. Still, it should hold the attention of a good sized group of kids for any number of rainy afternoons and that may be all you need for it.
3DO Magazine Feb 95
Flag of the United Kingdom.png
3/5 Expanding on the successful style developed in the brilliant Twisted, Studio 3DO have created a completely wacky FMV extravaganza, with a TV station over run by kids providing the infrastructure on which several enjoyable puzzle and quiz games are hung. An edutainment product for younger players, this is brilliantly executed, with amusing spoof soaps and TV shows offered as reward for winning points. Packaged with consumate skill, this is huge fun.
Video Games & Computer Entertainment Mar 95
Flag of the United States.png
6/10 It's too bad that you don't get to see more of the shows, as they're pretty entertaining - just a couple of clips here and there. The puzzles are very simplistic, good perhaps for a very young audience. The most interesting show is the soap opera, Sundaes of Our Lives.
Next Generation Mar 95
Flag of the United States.png
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  • Executive Producer Trip Hawkins
  • Producer JuliAnn Juras Appler
  • Original Concept JuliAnn Juras Appler
  • Director Ed Rotberg
  • Art Director Liz Beatrice
  • Technical Director Frank Sandoval
  • Screenwriter Michael Seitzman
  • Video Director Michael Seitzman
  • Educational Advisor Charles Dorn
  • Programmers Tom Jannak, Rajesh S. Nakhwa
  • Artists Vince Arroyo, Grace Chen, Dave Gordon, Michael Zap
  • Storyboard Artist, Animation & Video Effects Lee Marrs
  • Content Supervisor Muir Palmer
  • Script Supervisor Muir Palmer
  • Production Coordinator Muir Palmer
  • Post-Production Supervisor Laura Hatton
  • Content Writer Laura Hatton
  • Second A. D. Laura Hatton
  • Props Production Coordinator Laura Hatton
  • Content Specialists Theresa Francis, Heather McDonald
  • Post Production Specialists Lynn Ackler, Brad Engstrand, Rachel Mayeri
  • Sound Editor - Post Production Jeff Sutherland
  • Music & Sound Effects Robert Vieira, Jesse Osborne
  • Morph Effects Michelle Breiner
  • Video Editor Kim Bica
  • Asst. Video Editor Connor McDonald

The Cast

  • Jake Smits Kevin Mason
  • Mary Carp Lanie Granger
  • Billy Sparks Michael Hilde
  • Sopha Sinfree Anika Bobb
  • Ernie Golucky Michael Biancalana
  • Bryce Banyon Jason Young
  • Angelica duJour Nadia Kunich
  • Dak Peter Meyers
  • Parsley Summer Sarafin
  • Nick Jack Keane
  • Igor Marcos Gutierrez
  • Cindy Katie Founds
  • Alien Girl Jackie Vanderbeck
  • Alien Boy Gabriel Rotberg
  • Steve Jeeves Cory Payne
  • Slick Mike Combatti
  • John Fetch Sunny [Bow Wow Productions]
  • The Senator Ted Hatrack
  • Teacher #1 Robert Gordon, Carole Landes
  • Mr. Sloakes Stuart Miller
  • Galileo Mike Cronin
  • Mac Darrell Martin

More Credits

  • Video Production Crew Red Sky Productions
  • Line Producer Lauren Schwartz
  • A. D. Lauren Schwartz
  • Director of Photography Michael Maley
  • Wardrobe Jennifer Ruscoe
  • Wardrobe Assistant Patricia Kazmierowski
  • Makeup / Hair Stylist Jenny Zielon
  • Casting Director Joan Marechal (Casting Works SFO)
  • Gaffer Medel Ramos
  • Grip Wes Phillips
  • Key Grip Stu Abramson
  • Engineer Diane Oliver
  • Welfare Worker Carolyn Crimley
  • Production Assistants Shelli Rosenfeld, Matthew Ferguson, Polly Forester, Kristen Beck
  • Shot at GGP Studios; Corte Madera; California
  • Caterer Jonathon Beard
  • Voiceovers Katie Founds, Julia Jacobs, Alixandra Juras, Ezra Stanley, Ricky Vella
  • Extras Kyle Baca, David Brown, Laura Brown, Catherine Burke, Sarah Burke, Lu-Chien Chou, Gavan Cook, Mary Crawford, Christopher Jaworski, Nicole Kyotani, Adrien Laws, Remi Laws, Ron Lynch, Scott Reed, Tim Reed, Mary Ann Rodgers, Andrew Shugart, Stephanie Shugart
  • Playtesters Casey Grimm, Michael S. Jablonn
  • Marketing Jennifer Booth
  • Publicity Diane Hunt
  • Final Testing Karl Fischer, Brian Gilmer, James Koponen
  • Manual Linda Ackerman, Brian May, Jon Whitney
  • Package Design Mark Galarneau
  • Purchasing & Manufacturing Paula Draper
  • Special Thanks Neil Cormia, Jennifer Hubbart, Hinde Newman, Nina Trobridge, Rod Perkins, Duveneck Elementary School, Las Lomitas Elementary School, San Carlos Charter School, Mark Pahlow (of Accoutrements in Seattle)
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