Edge(UK) Issue 1 Oct 1993

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  • Full Name: Edge Magazine Issue 1
  • Issue 1
  • Date October 1993
  • Region: GB
  • Barcode: 9 771350 159007 10
  • Cover Disc No
  • Notes:


  • 3DO The Real Deal - 11 page feature introducing the 3DO, broken up by different sections:
  • 3DO The Real Deal - Tech Specs - General overview of the tech specs (Pages 48 - 51)
  • 3DO The Real Deal - General Overview - Report from the Chicago CES 1993 show, stating that the majority of 3DO software was being actually run on Apple Mac Quadras. Trip Hawkins justifying the launch price of $700, Manufacturing issues that could delay the launch. Confirmation of units being made by AT&T and Sanyo. Statement over 300 developers including Origin, Argonaut and Bullfrog. Pictures of Star Trek The Next Generation, Grease and Grunge, World Builders, Galaxian 3, Theme Park, Magic Carpet and Jurassic Park (Pages 48-58)
  • 3DO The Real Deal - Electronic Arts - 2 page interview with Stewart Bonn, who discuss the issue of 3DO using MPEG rather than full motion video, but EA will be fully backing the 3DO, mentions and Screenshots of Shock Wave, Road Rash, PGA Tour Golf and John Madden (Pages 52-53)
  • 3DO The Real Deal - Crystal Dynamics - 3 page overview of the then start up developer, who were focusing on the 3DO until more multimedia units appear. Games include Crash N Burn and Total Eclipse (Pages 54-56)
  • 3DO The Real Deal - Interplay Productions - 2 page interview with Bill Heineman talking about the games Battle Chess and Out Of This World. Stonekeep gets mention but not yet confirmed (Pages 57-58)


  • Editor - Steve Jarratt
  • Art Editor - Matthew Williams
  • Deputy Art Editor - Rob Abbott
  • Production Editor - Harry Wylie
  • Writers - Jason Brookes, George Andreas