Edge(UK) Issue 3 Dec 1993

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Edge Magazine(UK) Issue 3 Dec 93 Front Cover.png


  • Full Name: Edge Magazine Issue 3
  • Issue 3
  • Date December 1993
  • Region: GB
  • Barcode: 9 771350 159007 12
  • Cover Disc No
  • Notes:


  • The 3DO Dream Machine Arrives - 4 and a half page article about the 3DO launch, critical of 3DO only having two launch titles, Its a Birds Life and Crash N Burn, instead of the 18-20 planned (Panasonic going on record that this will follow in 2 weeks...Mention of 350 developers signed up...but again, critical point that the number of people with development systems will be alot lower. Even a note from 3DO that "There wont be long before we have a JVC machine" (Pages 6-10)
  • Software List - List of 30+ games, including some unreleased ones - Creation - Bullfrog, Red Baron - Dynamix, World Builders - EA, Universal Studios Orbital - MCA, 3D Adventures, 3D Football - Park Palace Productions, Dragon Tales - Software Toolworks, Star Trek Next Generation - Spectrum Holobyte, 11th Hour - Virgin Interactive (Page 9)


  • 3DO Scene - Full page article with several screenshots from Mega Race, Road Rash, PGA Tour Golf, Jurassic Park and Red Baron (Page 37)


  • Total Eclipse - Full page preview - Page 19


Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Pg No(s) Rating
Crash N Burn Crystal Dynamics N/A 4 78-81 8
  • Crash N Burn - The level of detail in Crash 'n Burn is quite phenomenal: Crystal Dynamics have certainly set a very high standard with their first title.


  • Editor - Steve Jarratt
  • Art Editor - Matthew Williams
  • Deputy Art Editor - Rob Abbott
  • Production Editor - Harry Wylie
  • Writers - Jason Brookes, George Andreas