Hobby Consolas(ES) Issue 43 Apr 1995

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  • Full Name: Hobby Consolas(ES) Issue 43 April 1995
  • Issue 43
  • Date April 1995
  • Region: ES
  • Barcode: 8 426239 010016 00043
  • Cover Disc No
  • Notes:


  • Interplay - Overview of games coming up, Cyberia and Kingdom are the only 3DO ones (Page 16)
  • Ecos de la cuarta dimension - General article giving an update of general games, including Madison High (American Laser Games), The Scottish Open, Thunderhawk and Shellshock (Core Design) (Page 32)


  • 3DO ya ha evolucionado - Full page feature with general overview of the FZ-10, mention of the M2 (Page 32)
  • FPS - 3 page feature covering FPS games on various systems, 3DO gets half a page with Slayer and Virtuoso (Pages 36-38)
  • Drosoft y Electronic Arts - 4 page feature about how EAs official distributor, Drosoft, is releasing 3DO games into the market...even though the machine has no release date still. Titles shown include FIFA, Road Rash, The Need For Speed, Super Wing Commander, Wing Commander 3, Shock Wave, Immerencary, Syndicate and Theme Park (Pages 40-43)



  • Electronic Arts - Full page with 4 games, 3DO is mentioned next to the 3DO (Page 39)


  • Mail - 4 page ad with small 3DO section containing 10 3DO games (Pages 156-159)
  • Kame - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 160)
  • Leisure Center - Quarter page ad with 8 games for sale including Cyberclash (Page 160)
  • Megaplastic - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 161)
  • Coconut - Quarter page ad with small 3DO section for 1 game (Page 161)
  • Game Shop - Half page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 161)
  • Start Games - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 161)


  • Director: Amalio Gómez
  • Directora de Arte: Susana Lurguie
  • Jefes de Sección: Sonia Herranz, Manuel del Campo
  • Redacción: Carlos Frutós, Esther Barral, Antonio Caravaca, J. C. Romero (traductor).