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Hardware Code Type Manufacturer Date Region
3D Zero Controller F-953 Controller Super UFO ???
3D Zero Infra-Red Controller F-955 Controller Fire ???
3D Zero Super NES Adaptor F-952 Adaptor Super UFO ???
3D Zero Tribal Tap Adaptor F-1201 Adaptor Super UFO ???
3DO Memory Prototype Memory Prototype
3DO Steering Wheel Controller ???
3D8 Joypad Controller Gamestar LMP ???
Battle King Controller ??? ??? ???
CH Products Flightstick Pro FSP-1 Controller CH Products ???
Creative 3DO Control Pad Controller ??? ??? ???
DOCS Wireless Controllers Controller DOCS ??? ???
Fighting 3DO Sword Controller ??? ??? ???
Fire 3DO Six Button Joypad 007 Controller Fire ??? ???
Fire 3DO Six Button Infra Red Joypad System 008 Controller Fire ??? ???
GameGun Gun American Laser Games ???
GamePad6 P-1201 Controller 370 Entertainment ???
Goldstar GPA-111 Controller GPA-111 Controller Goldstar(LG) ???
Goldstar GPA-111M Controller GPA-111M Controller Goldstar(LG) ???
Goldstar GPA-511M Video CD Adaptor GPA-511M Video CD Adaptor Goldstar(LG) ???
Hori Fighting Commander H3D-07 Controller Hori ???
iGlasses VR Glasses Virtual I/O Inc May 95
Innovation Programmable Control Pad Controller Innovation ???
Joypad Converter PS2 to 3DO Converter ??? ??? ???
Mad Catz Control Pad Controller Mad Catz ???
MAS Super Pro Stick Controller MAS ???
Nakitek Wireless Controllers Controller Nakitek ???
Panasonic FZ-1 Video CD Adaptor FZ-FV1 Video CD Adaptor Panasonic 1994
Panasonic FZ-1 Video CD Adaptor V2 FZ-FV1A Video CD Adaptor Panasonic 1994
Panasonic FZ-10 Video CD Adaptor FZ-FV10 Video CD Adaptor Panasonic 1994
Panasonic FZ-JP1X Controller FZ-JP1X Controller Panasonic 1994
Panasonic FZ-JP2X Controller FZ-JP2X Controller Panasonic 1994
Panasonic FZ-JS1 Digital Stick Controller FZ-JS1 Controller Panasonic 1994
Panasonic Karaoke Mixer FZ-AK1 Karaoke Mixer Panasonic ???
Pansonic Memory Unit FZ-EM256 Memory Panasonic ???
Panasonic Memory Unit Pack - Nobunaga no Yabo-Haoden FZ-EM256SA Memory Panasonic ???
Panasonic Memory Unit Pack - Winning Post FZ-EM256SB Memory Panasonic ???
Panasonic Memory Unit Pack - Sangokushi IV FZ-EM256SC Memory Panasonic ???
Panasonic Memory Unit Pack - Theme Park FZ-EM256SD Memory Panasonic ???
Panasonic Mouse FZ-JM1 Mouse Panasonic ???
Panasonic Soldier FZ-JJ1XP Controller Panasonic ???
Per4mer Turbo Wheel Controller Home Arcade Systems ???
Phase 9 F40 Controller Euromax ???
ProPad SV-1200 Controller InterAct, STD Entertainment ???
Quantum Advanced Control Pad Controller Wild Things ???
Rock 3 Joystick Controller ???
Sanyo Control Pad IMP-CP1 Controller Sanyo ???
Sidekick Controller Controller Tommo ???
Stealth Infra-Red Joypad Controller Game Partner ???
Superstick Arcade Stick Controller ??? ???
The 3DO Control Pad 2 Controller The 3DO Company ???