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  • Full Name: 3DO Game Guru
  • Code:
  • Type: Non-Game
  • Developer: Symbiosis Media
  • Publisher: The 3DO Company
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 1995
  • Region: NA
  • Barcode:
  • Local Title:
  • Rarity: 1
  • Notes: US Version came in a fat box rather than the usual Tall skinny boxes

Missing notes

Need the barcode


The Game Guru is a utility disk for the 3DO that serves two functions:

  • It allows you to compress the items saved in the 3DO system memory to allow for a greater number of saved games
  • It acts as a Game Genie or Game Shark in that it allows for input of codes that allow for cheats.

Secret Passwords

  • Secret Video Scene:

At the main menu choose "Enter Code" and select the Game Guru saved file called "GameGuru.CFG" file. When the code screen appears, enter "IHAVETHEVIDEO2" and press C. You are then taken to a secret video made from the creators of the GameGuru.

  • Different Music:

Hate the music that you start with. Do the same thing as above up until the enter code part. Enter "SONG2" to get a new song. You can enter "SONG2" to "SONG9". To get back to the original music, type "SONG1"

  • Additional Background:

Same as before, but enter code as MLGTXXF. Reset the 3DO and you get a rendered 3DO logo in the background.

  • Same thing as before only this time type "IHAVETHEPOWER". You'll get a warning saying that there's no tech support for the secret area. Now you have the hex-editor along with a whole slew of other options. BE CAREFUL! If you want to disable the advanced mode, either delete the GameGuru.CFG file to restore defaults, or enter the code "IDONTWANTTHEPOWER"
  • You Don't Have The Power:

Enter code "IHAVETHEPOWER2" and you'll get a "NICE TRY" message, that's all this code does.

3DO Game Guru Credits

  • Producer, Programmer & Director: Mark Rearick
  • Music By: InnerSect
  • MEGA Artist: Tomwoof (SP Pang)
  • Game Guru Codes: John Elliott
  • Lead Tester: John Elliott
  • Lead 3DO Tester: Noah MacKenzie
  • Testers: Thorn Chumley, Konane Cramer, Karl Fischer, Gary Lake, Mike Rosefield, Sumiko Showalter
  • Screen Savers: Mark Rearick, Alex Werner
  • SGI Rendering: Jim Dilettoso, Village Labs
  • 3DO Adept and P / T Psychic: Gary Lake
  • Manual Writers: Rick Reynolds, Mark Rearick
  • People who made It happen: Nick Earl, Greg Mills, Gary Lake (Again !!)
  • 3DO Guidance: Mark Erdtmann, Ron Little
  • Spiritual Guidance: Mitch Ballou
  • Just Plain Guidance: Gen Kiyooka
  • Thanks to: Paul Adams, John Byrd, Dave Calabrese, Tom Carter, Tim Cramer, RC Crocitto, Rick Crocitto, John Dishon, Jeff Foster, Neil Haldar, Trip Hawkins, Steve Holme, Bill Huey, Jim Hurwitz
  • More Thanks to: Ken Louie , Brian May, Brad Montagne, Lisa Sediak, Rich Shane, Trent Taylor, Karen White, Dan Willis, My Mom & Brother, Dominos Pizza, Los Dos Molinos, Everyone at 3DO Virtual World And Especially All the 3DO system Owners!

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