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I wanted to create this page to give progress updates on whats been completed.



  • I have been uploading different images across various different, I have finally finished uploading the Sampler videos, and have got my hands on the Video Sampler 5 which I will be uploading various trailers over the next couple of days.


  • Well.....Its been almost a year since I have updated his page! I haven't worked on the site as much as I have wanted to, but am literally running two jobs at the same time (as well as family), so don't have alot of spare time to research and give the site the love it deserves. At the beginning of the year, I had a major issue with the database, and not being very technical, I had to get outside help, I eventually found a company that helped fixed, and I moved it to a dedicated server (The server provider was complaining the site was too big to sit on a shared server!).

This month I have decided to upload alot of the pictures ive been gathering over the last 2 years rather than wait until I work on certain pages. I have also added in the ability to embed Youtube videos (proud of myself!), I thought about this for a while, and the biggest worry I have is videos being deleted or channels just being inactive that they just die, so have decided to set up a 3DO World Youtube Channel and pull videos of other channels for preservation (I know there may be an issue with this, but will give credit where ever its needed)



  • So same excuse! Life! I have got a new role too in Dubai and got married! With Dubai ill be back and forth, but have done some small updates over the past few months, adding in a couple of Edge Magazine reviews. Part of my role means im out here alone...so may have some more time...I wanted to spend my weekend doing updates (As its 50 degrees outside and you cant really do anything!), as I sat down, it came to my attention I had been spammed! 1500+ new accounts and the same in pages! Luckily it only started a couple of days before I put some attention into the site otherwise it would of been a nightmare as you can't bulk delete on Mediawiki (Unless you have some super skills in SQL which I dont), I cleared up the database and back to normal now but wasted 3 days when I could of been doing more research :( (18th)


  • Again, work has been holding me back, but I have started some US magazines, mainly only 1993 (As couldnt spend too much time on heavily informed magazines. I did however complete 3 3DO UK magazines. I am also going on holiday (27th)


  • I finished Joystick, which uncovered more cancelled games. It was a well written magazine of its time that seemed to state facts rather than speculation. Lots of good interviews with developers/publishers. And archive had all issues uploaded between 1994-1996 (30th)
  • No April fools! I have completed more magazines including Spanish Hitech and Hobby Consolas, French Joypad (As well as starting Joystick) and the Ultimate Future games 3DO Supplement that included several M2 games. Uncovering more information including more unreleased games. I covered about 50 magazines, mainly due to travelling for work on the Middle East. On a collection point on view, I found a "Lost" demo disc made for the German market. (1st)


  • I have completed 3 Magazine Titles in the last 30 days - About 100 magazines in total! (Game Power - Italy, Generation4 - French and Video Games (US)), have uncovered some great information, including not very well documentation unreleased games like Glory. I want to continue down the path of magazines, as it makes it easier to cover the rest of the site as I have the information at hand from what is the most accurate source available (Alot of information has been lost on websites and FTP's) (3rd)


  • Im trying to complete 1 magazine a day! Randomly I have picked Italian magazines! (2nd)


  • Jan was abit busy for me, I left my job and am starting a new company, so heavily focused on that. I have been tidying the magazines, and adding more, the dedicated 3DO ones can take upto 3 days! (Especially the Japanese ones where I have to translate!). I have also linked all the unreleased games to uploaded magazine articles (31st)
  • Happy New Year, did some more magazines (data into unreleased....I think games/consoles can wait for now and ill pick them up in categories later - Mainly because I haven't finished games yet) (1st)



I have started off December rather slow, I had a family holiday and work caught up with me (I have since handed in my notice to start my own adventure)

  • December finished off slowly due to me focusing on work (I am moving roles so need to tidy up my bits), I updated the sidebar, and started transferring data over from magazines, I want to tidy everything up to save me time and potentially missing issues later down the line, only issue is its very tedious and boring as hell (31st)
  • I started reviewing an issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu, and ended up creating a new section: "Unreleased Regional 3DO Titles" to show planned titles in different continents that were canned but released elsewhere (11 added so far!). I also added several Japanese titles to the unreleased section too. Literally spent the whole day on 1 advert!!! (20th)
  • Updated and tidied books, and added in some Russian books (Need to finish off at some point), also started Website links. Started tidying up my picture database too which added in some random page creations/updates! (17th)
  • Adding alot more information into Arcades and completed it too the best I can (I think I may be missing one or two more) (16th)
  • Due to further research of arcades, I have found another music CD linked to 3DO (Via the M2 Konami board) (15th)


I have now been working on this site since May, and guessing, I am about only 20% complete! So have a long road ahead. Hopefully this updates will keep me on track!

  • Work has caught up with me and am going on holiday shortly, but have managed to do a fair chunk of work on Music, Peripherals, Promo and Arcade (This has been mainly due to 3DOtoday and Archive3DOs sites.
  • I updated the music category and added in the remaining Music soundtracks I am aware off. It does not include bonus music CD's that are included with games (Ill add them at a later date)
  • (Actually it was 31st October but thought id be clean!) Created 3DO World updates page, as well as change user permissions, this is because I feel that as great as Wikipedia is, there is no uniformity to its outlay. Of which I want 3DO World to be.