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All Published Media

Name Type Manufacturer Linked Game Date Region Notes
A Little Story Of A Sleepless Night Flyer Amuse Productions A Little Story Of A Sleepless Night December 16, 1994
Alone In The Dark Flyer Pony Canyon Alone In The Dark 1994
Alone In The Dark 2 Flyer Alone In The Dark 2 1995
Aqua World Flyer Taito Alone In The Dark 1995
AutoBahn Tokio Flyer AutoBahn Tokio 1995
Azure Fleet Flyer Microcabin Azure Fleet 1995
Bakusho All Yoshimoto Quiz Flyer Yoshimoto Kogyo Bakusho All Yoshimoto Quiz 1995
Belzerion Flyer Human Entertainment Belzerion December 16, 1994
Blue Forest Story Flyer Blue Forest Story 1996
Bonogurashi Flyer Bonogurashi 1996?
Captain Quazar Flyer Studio 3DO Captain Quazar(JP) 1996
Crayon Shin-chan Flyer Bandai Crayon Shin-chan March 10, 1995
D Flyer D no Shokutaku 1996
D2 M2 Flyer Panasonic D2
Daedalus Encounter Flyer Panasonic Daedalus Encounter(JP) 1995
Demolition Man Flyer Virgin Interactive Demolition Man October 1, 1994
Dragon Tycoon Edge Flyer Dragon Tycoon Edge ???
Eigo de Go! Flyer Gakken Eigo de Go 1996
Emit Vol 2 Flyer Koei Emit Vol 2
F1GP Flyer Pony Canyon F1GP(JP) 1995
Flopon World Flyer Warp Flopon World 1995
Four Seasons of Peperon Village Flyer Marubeni,Mitsumasa Anno,NHK Four Seasons of Peperon Village 1995
Game no Tatsujin Flyer Sunsoft Game no Tatsujin 1995
Gex Flyer Gex ???
Grand Chef Flyer Grand Chef 1996
Idol Janshi Suchie Pai Special Flyer Idol Janshi Suchie Pai Special 1995
Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 Flyer Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 1996
Insect War Flyer Panasonic Insect War December 16, 1994
Jikki Pachi-Slot Simulator Vol1 Flyer Electronic Arts Jikki Pachi-Slot Simulator Vol1 1995
Jurassic Park Flyer Universal Interactive Studios Jurassic Park December 16, 1994
Monoshiri Jiyuugaku Flyer Monoshiri Jiyuugaku 1995
Moon Cradle Flyer Moon Cradle 1995
Nice Body Flyer Nice Body All-Star Suiei Taikai 1995
N.O.B.: Neo Organic Bioform Flyer NOB-Neo Organic Bioform 1995
OverDrivin Game Flyer Road & Track Presents OverDrivin 1994
Panasonic FZ-10 Flyer Flyer Panasonic N/A 1994
Policenauts Poster Konami Policenauts 1995
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S Flyer Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S 1995
Princess Maker 2 Flyer Princess Maker 2 1995
Pro Stadium Flyer Pro Stadium 1995
Pro Virtual Baseball Stadium Flyer Electronic Arts Pro Virtual Baseball Stadium 1995
Pyramid Intruder Flyer Pyramid Intruder 1995
Putt Putt Joins the Parade Flyer Humongous Entertainment Putt-Putt Joins the Parade
Real Perfect World Flyer Electronic Arts Real Perfect World 1995
Return Fire Flyer Silent Software Return Fire(JP)
Road Rash Flyer Electronic Arts Road Rash
Royal Pro Wrestling Flyer Royal Pro Wrestling 1996
Samurai Shodown Flyer Crystal Dynamics Samurai Shodown(JP) 1995
Scramble Cobra Flyer Panasonic Scramble_Cobra(JP)
Seal of the Pharaoh Flyer Panasonic Seal of the Pharaoh 1994
Shock Wave Operation JumpGate Flyer Electronic Arts Shock Wave Operation JumpGate(JP) 1995
Slam N Jam Flyer Crystal Dynamics Slam N Jam(JP) 1995
Sotsugyo: Graduation Final Flyer Shar Rock Sotsugyo Graduation Final 1994
Sotsugyo II Neo Generation Special Flyer Shar Rock Sotsugyo II Neo Generation Special 1995
StarBlade Flyer [[[Panasonic|Panasonic]] Starblade(JP) 1994
Strahl Flyer Panasonic Strahl December 2, 1994
Street Fighter Flyer Capcom/Panasonic Super Street Fighter II Turbo 1995
Super Real Mahjong PIV Flyer Super Real Mahjong PV 1996
Super Wing Commander Flyer Electronic Arts Super Wing Commander
Sword & Sorcery Flyer Sword & Sorcery 1995
Taiketsu Rumiizu Flyer Taiketsu Rumiizu
Taiketsu Rumiizu Flyer Taiketsu Rumiizu
Tales of the Capital: Part I Flyer Ariadne Tales of the Capital Part I October 27, 1995
Tanjo Debut Pure Flyer Tanjo Debut Pure
Tetsujin The Return Flyer Synergy Inc Tetsujin The Return
Theme Park Flyer Theme Park
The Tower Flyer The Tower 1995
Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise Special Flyer Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise Special 1995
TV Pot Flyer Aladdin Studios, Japan Asobi Plans TV Pot 1995
Twisted The Game Show Flyer Electronic Arts Twisted The Game Show
Yu Yu Hakusho Poster Yu Yu Hakusho 1995
Way Of The Warrior Flyer Panasonic Way Of The Warrior
World Cup Special Flyer World Cup Special 1995