Electronic Games(US) Aug 1993

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  • Full Name: Electronic Games August 1993
  • Issue Volume 1 Issue 11
  • Date August 1993
  • Region: US
  • Barcode: 0 14302 80184 5 08
  • Cover Disc No
  • Notes:


  • Paramount Turns Interactive - News article on how Paramount are releasing several games, one slated for the 3DO is Busytown, based on the author Richard Scarrys books. (Page 11)
  • 3DO Players Introduced - Picture of the Panasonic and Sanyo machines that were introduced at SCES 1993 (Page 12)
  • Toolworks Makes Amazing Deal - News on Software Toolworks upcoming releases: Space Shuttle, Oceans Below and Capitol Hill will be produced for the 3DO (Page 12)
  • Mad Dog Rides Home Range - Article that American Laser Games will be releasing Mad Dog McCree, Mad Dog McCree 2, Space Pirates, Gallaghers Gallery, Who Shot Johnny Rock and Crime Patrol (Page 14)


  • Previews of 3DO Games - 2 page preview of upcoming 3DO games, mention of machines coming from Panasonic, Sanyo and AT&T in Fall and Winter. and that 302 Publishers have now signed up to produce games. At the SCES show, 3DO had 35 products from 17 Publishers. Previews in the article include: Spectrum Holobyte: Star Trek The Next Generation. Psygnosis: Microcosm, Dracula. Electronic Arts: Shock Wave, World Builders Inc, John Madden, PGA Golf, Twisted, Peter Pan. MCA - Jurassic Park, USO 2015. Park Palace: 3D Football, Project X. Virgin Interactive: 11th Hour. Crystal Dynamics: Crash N Burn. Paramount Interactive: Busytown Sanctuary Woods: Its a Birds Life. Microprose: CPU Bach. No Publisher mentioned: Zapper (Pages 48-49)
  • SCES 1993 Best Edutainment Title - Part of the bigger SCES article, but Peter Pan won the best Edutainment title and that its a forthcoming 3DO title (Page 60)


  • Publisher - Steve Harris
  • Editor - Arnie Katz
  • Executive Editor - Bill Kunkel
  • News Editor - Joyce Worley
  • Senior Editor - Marc Cameron
  • Managing Editor - Ross Chamberlain
  • Associate Editors - Russ Ceccola, Ed Dille
  • Contributing Editors - Rick Zalud, Alex Rees, Steve Honeywell, Scott Wolf, Jay Carter, Al Giovetti, Laurie Yates
  • Art Director - Juli McMeekin