Total Eclipse Lord Zodac Head

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From crystal dynamics flagship 3D shooter series (circa1994 for the 3DO, Saturn and Playstation) it's Drak-Sai supreme predator LordZodak. Of the many rare game collectibles out there LZ is among the most rare. Created for precious few print media outlets (fewer than 5 exist) during gamings heyday this piece represents an era gone by (when developers chose their press outlets and vice-versa) leading up to the mainstream status gaming enjoys today. crafted of foam and latex the well cared for incredibly detailed head shows little wear. aside from a few surface cracks--due to age--along the lower neck/base LZ doesn't look a day older than he did in those chunky old lo-res cinemas of yesteryear. Having enjoyed his company for 20 years--he's been among our best conversation pieces for the duration.