Video Games(DE) Issue 7-95

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  • Full Name: Video Game Issue 7-95
  • Issue 7-95
  • Date July 1995
  • Region: DE
  • Barcode: 4391062 305803 07
  • Cover Disc No
  • Notes: Bizarrely the copy I worked from, alot of listed retail ads, had blackouts against some games (Like a secret government report), I am not sure if this was in the actual magazine or my copy.


  • E3 Full Report (Page 8-18) - Full report around the fabled LA event:

- Accolade - POed

- Crystal Dynamics - No games for the 3DO but mention of how they have lost interest in the 3DO

- Time Warner Interactive - No games for the 3DO, but how they bought the rights of for Return Fire

- M2 - Generic article around the E3 reveal, the article does criticise 3DO for not naming software publishers or games, and how a December release that year would be problematic due to lack of games

  • There is a two page dedicated section for 3DO announcements (Pages 28-29)

- Absolute - Penn & Teller Smoke and Mirrors

- American Laser Games - Space Pirates, Drug Wars, The Last Bounty Hunter, Shoot Out at Old Tuscan, Mazer, Fast Draw Showdown

- Games for Her Interactive - McKenzie & Co

- Any Channel - POed

- Capcom - Street Fighter The Animated Movie

- Digital Pictures - Maximum Surge, Quarterback Attack

- Domark - Flying Nightmares

- Electronic Arts - Wing Commander 3, Shock Wave 2, Syndicate, NHL Hockey, PGA Golf, Space Hulk, Psychic Detective, Prowler, Foes of Ali, Shredfest

- Infrogrammes - Knights Chase, Alone in the Dark 3, Chaos Control

- Interplay - Casper, Waterworld, Cyberia, Kingdom The Far Reaches, Blackhawk

- JVC - Deadly Skies, Varunas Forces

- Goldstar - Defcon 5 (Millennium) , Firewall (Visionary Media)

- Mindscape - Panzer General, AD&D Deathkeep (SSI)

- Panasonic - Daedalus Encounter, ISIS - Earth, Wind & Fire, Biosfear, Icebreaker, Strahl, Trip'd, Cyberdillo

- Readysoft - Brain Dead 13, Space Ace, Dragons Lair 2, Robinsons Requiem

- PF Magic - Ballz

- Studio 3DO - Killing Time, Bladeforce, Captain Quazar, Battlesport, Phoenix 3, Planet Strike

- Warner Interactive - Primal Rage

- Virgin Interactive - Creature Shock, 11th Hour, Lost Eden


  • Killing Time (Pages 91) - Almost a Full Page preview
  • 3DO Flightstick (Page 91) - Small preview


Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Pg No(s) Rating
Slayer Mindscape Tetsuhiko Hara Half Page Review 96 52%
D Panasonic Tetsuhiko Hara Half Page Review 96 61%
Slam N Jam Crystal Dynamics Robert Zengerle Half Page Review 97 82%
  • Slayer - Auch das Spielsystem wirkt trivial underinnert eher an einen, zwargrafisch beeindruckend umgesetzten, doch mißglückten Versuch, ein Action-Rollenspiel zu fabrizieren, das in einer völlig stumpfsinnigen und unmotivierenden Monsterjagd ausartet.
  • D - Leider entpuppt sich das eigentliche Spiel, trotz der zwei vollbepackten CDs, als ein ziemlich kurzer Horrortrip. Das Zeitlimit ist von vorneherein auf zwei Stunden gesetzt, und die Aufgaben sind spätestens beim zweiten Anlauf einfach zu bewältigen.
  • Slam N Jam - Die vielen Features tragen ein Zusätzliches zum Spielspaß bei. Ich hätte mir vielleicht noch die Möglichkeit gewünscht, eigene Spieler zu kreieren. Ansonsten bietet Slam'n Jam’95 alles, was sich ein Basketball Fan erofft.



  • AB Games - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 23)
  • Ankauf and Verkauf - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 23)
  • Gamers Point - Small ad with 3 3DO games for sale (Page 25)
  • Arcadia - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 25)
  • Traumfabrik - Half page ad with very small writing (Page 29)
  • Gamefan - Quarter page ad with 3 3DO games for sale (Page 31)
  • Megaboink - Small ad with 3 3DO games for sale (Page 35)
  • Highway to Hell - Half page ad with very small writing on all the games they sell (Bizarre format too), Unreleased 3DO games include 11th Hour, Alien Trilogy, Clay Fighter 2, Cyberclash, Dungeon Master 2, Fatal Fury Special, Links Golf, Might & Magic 3, NBA Live, Need for Speed Data, NHL Hockey, Rayman, Rock n Roll Racing, Sim City 2000, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Starfleet Academy, Street Fighter The Animated Movie and Urban Strike. (Page 26)
  • Tradelink - Half page Ad, with about 15 3DO games for sale including 11th Hour, Dirt Racer and Magic Carpet (Page 39)
  • Dynatex - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 51)
  • Versand und Laden - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 51)
  • Wolfsoft - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 51)
  • Order In Time - Full page Ad, with about 12 3DO games for sale (Page 55)
  • Munich Games Center - Quarter page ad with 10 3DO games for sale including Magic Carpet (Page 55)
  • Coole Preise - Quarter page ad with 5 3DO games for sale including Star Trek (Page 63)
  • Jump N Run - Full page Ad with pictures of 3DO machines they are selling (Page 65)
  • Metropolis - Full page Ad with 7 3DO games for sale (Page 70)
  • Game Express - Half page ad with about 7 3DO games for sale, mainly US and Japanese imports (Page 99)
  • Gamebusters - Full page ad with 20 3DO games including Magic Carpet (Page 119)


  • 3DO CDi (Pages 48) - Reader asking if CDi films will work on the MPEG 3DO Expansion
  • Gestrichen (Page 51) - Technical letter regarding an issue with a convertor

Other 3DO mentions

  • Page 31 - Release List - 3DO gets mentioned that its list will be out next month due to a space issue
  • Page 32 - Nintendo E3 report - Small mention from Nintendo that they will have quality games like no other when asked about competition via the new generation 3DO and Jaguar


  • Chefredaktion - Hartmut Ulrich
  • Chefin vom Dienst - Ulrike Peters
  • Redaktion - Jan Barysch, Tetsuhiko Hara, Ralph Karels, Manfred Neumayer, Dirk Sauer, Wolfgang Schaedle, Robert Zengerle