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  • Full Name: 3DO Magazine Issue 2
  • Issue 2
  • Date February 1995
  • Region: EU
  • Barcode: 9771355962022 02
  • Cover Disc Yes
  • Notes:

Cover Disc

3DO Magazine 2 disc.jpg
Game Developer Publisher Content Type Note
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Capcom Panasonic Playable Demo 4 Playable Characters only
  • Overview Article - No real instructions on the demo disc, its actually a Japanese Language demo, mentons about the Joypad FZ11JXP. (Page 7)


  • Magic Carpet - Its Official - Half page article about how the game is coming to the 3DO (Page 6)
  • Goldstars Moviemania - Article regarding Goldstars MPEG add on (GPA551M) went on sale in America for $199 bundled with Total Recall. (Page 7)
  • 3DO Blaster - Snippet on how the 3DO Blaster is on sale for £350 in the UK, stated that the system is selling out in America, but no so much in Europe (Page 7)
  • Corporate Moves 1 - Article about EA buying Bullfrog (Page 7)
  • Immercenary CES 1995 - Snippet on how Immercenary was shown at CES 1995 (Page 7)
  • CTW Report - Trade newspaper supported Panasonics claim on upbeat sales (Page 7)
  • CES 1995 - First page is a op level overview of the CES 1995 event, basic mentions of the FZ10, M2, Goldstars MPEG add on. This is followed by 4 pages of nicely detailed mini overviews of publishers on what they have on display (Page 15-19)
  • CES - American Laser Games - Mad Dog, Mad Dog 2, Madison High, VR Stalker, Space Pirates, Drug Wars
  • CES - Any Channel - PO'ed
  • CES - Art Data Interactive - Doom, Doom 2, Chess Wars
  • CES - Crystal Dynamics - 3D Baseball, Slam N Jam
  • CES - Cyclone - Captain Quazar
  • CES - Digital Pictures - Supreme Warrior
  • CES - Electronic Arts - Immercenary
  • CES - Interplay Productions - Lost Vikings, Cyberia
  • CES - Kirin Entertainment - Perfect General, Grandest Fleet
  • CES - Konami - Policenauts - Was still in Japanese, but an English version was in production
  • CES - MECC - Dinopark Tycoon
  • CES - Magnet Interactive - Icebreaker
  • CES - Mindscape/SSI - Panzer General, Death Keep
  • CES - Panasonic - Bios Fear, Fun N Games, Daedalus Encounter, Wicked 18
  • CES - Pixis Entertainment - NeuroDancer
  • CES - Psygnosis - Lemmings Chronicles
  • CES - Rocket Science Games - Loadstar, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
  • CES - RunAndGun - Duellin Fireman and "another project"
  • CES - Spectrum Holobyte - Star Trek
  • CES - Studio 3DO - Bladeforce, Killing Time
  • CES - Taito - Pyramid Intruder
  • CES - Time Warner - Primal Rage
  • CES - Vivid Interactive - Naked Reunion, Steamy Windows
  • CES - Viridis Corporation - Dreamer, Project X


  • Baron Von Wolfsheild Interview - Two page interview, mentions his jaw dropped when he saw the M2, says they will look at making games for the M2 but doesnt go into too much detail (Pages 12-13)
  • Chris Thompson Interview - Full page interview with EA UK's Marketing head. Quotes that Madden was a massive successful in Europe (Page 14)
  • Goldstar GPA101M - Two page feature on an overview of the Goldstar Machine (Pages 20-21)
  • Total Control - Full page feature on various controllers, including: Flightstick Pro (CH Products), 3DO Control Pad, Goldstar Pad, Phase 9 F40 (Euromax), FZJJ1XP (Panasonic & Capcom) (Page 22)
  • Memory Matters - Full page feature on what games save files under (Page 26)
  • Coming Soon - Two page list of games coming soon, unreleased games include: Art Data Interactive - Doom 2, Crystal Dynamics - Cyberclash, Elite - Powerslide, Dirt Racer, Infogrames: Alone in the Dark 3, Mindscape - Warriors, Sierra - Red Baron, Spectrum Holobyte - Star Trek, Virgin Interactive - Dragon, Heart Of Darkness and 11th Hour (Page 64-65)


  • Microcosm - Pages 8-9
  • Novastorm - Pages 9-10
  • Ultraman Powered - Pages 9-10
  • Oneesan to Issho! Janken Paradise - Page 10
  • Wing Commander 3 - Page 27
  • Myst - Page 28


Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Pg No(s) Rating
Demolition Man Virgin Interactive Mark Wynne 2 32-33 4
Family Feud Gametek Dave Westley 1 34 1
Shanghai Activision Mark Wynne 1 36 3
Iron Angel Synergy Mark Wynne 1 37 2
Star Wars Rebel Assault Lucasarts Stuart Wynne 2 38-39 3
3D Atlas Electronic Arts Mark Wynne 2 40-41 4
Shock Wave Operation Jumpgate Electronic Arts Mark Wynne 2 42-43 3
StarBlade Namco Stuart Wynne 2 44-45 4
Jammit GTE Interactive Mark Wynne 1 46 3
Station Invasion Studio 3DO Mark Wynne 2 48-49 3
The Incredible Machine Dynamix Dave Westley 1 50 4
Return Fire Silent Software Dave Westley 3 51-53 5
Virtuoso Elite Systems Dave Westley 1 54 1
  • Demolition Man - Demolition Man serves Virgin and Warner Bros well - this has set the standard for technical achievement in movie tie-ins, few films having been so faithfully reworked into a video game with so much attention to detail.
  • Family Feud - Last but by no means least, the game lacks the immediacy of a true game show with the means to answer any question restricted to typing in a response.
  • Shanghai - Whilst all are good fun in single player mode, it's with two players that Shanghai Triple Threat really comes into its own, providing the sort of simple, utterly addictive and competitive play that prevents you from leaving it alone.
  • Iron Angel- Definitely not for everyone, but sci-fi freaks may get some pleasure if they invest considerable time into this curious release.
  • Star Wars Rebel Assault - If LucasArts can't do a decent Star Wars game, who can? This was obsolete before it even arrived on 3DO, and is a sad debut for such a big developer.
  • 3D Atlas - Billed as a Multimedia expedition to understanding planet earth, this is EA's brave stab at providing some edutainment for the more responsible 3DO owner with family ties
  • Shock Wave Operation Jumpgate - Fans of the original will need no persuading to buy this much improved update. If you relished the brilliant sci-fi theme, brilliantly realised to provide a fantastic atmosphere in ShockWave, Operation JumpGate will be a welcome chance to continue the adventure.
  • StarBlade - There are few games so genuinely influential, so unquestionably epic and, ultimately, so beautiful as Namco's 1991 coin-op smash: StarBlade.
  • Jammit - This ancient Mega Drive game doesn't seem a likely source of inspiration for 3DO conversion, its previous incarnation being generally ill-received due to the abundance of excellent full team basketball games available.
  • Station Invasion - This edutainment game gives you and your youngest the chance to work for a "Powerhouse (TV station) producing some top draw entertainment…" Heady heights indeed, unless your children are as precocious as the kidz in this game.
  • The Incredible Machine - Dynamix The Incredible Machine hit the PC a year ago and ruptured many a mind. A deeply peculiar, unhealthily addictive, brain-bending puzzle game, it gets 3DO Magazine's vote as the most original title of the month
  • Return Fire - Return Fire has come from nowhere and looks set to go down as one of, if not the, best two-player game on the 3DO system. Dazzling 3-D technology, stunning pre-generated landscapes and four awesomely powerful attack-vehicles
  • Virtuoso - Virtuoso remains very much a substandard game. The graphic engine just isn't in the same league as something like Crystal Dynamics' Off-World Interceptor or even EA's Escape From Monster Manor.


  • FIFA - Page 56
  • Demolition Man - Page 56
  • John Madden Football - Page 56
  • Way Of The Warrior - Page 56
  • Star Wars Rebel Assault - Page 56
  • Jammit - Page 56
  • Off World Interceptor - Page 56
  • Street Fighter 2 - Page 56



  • Introducing the 3DO System - 2 Page ad with small screenshots of 40 games - Another World (Interplay Productions), Corpse Killer (Digital Pictures), Demolition Man (Virgin Interactive), Dragon's Lair (Elite Systems), Escape from Monster Manor (Electronic Arts), FIFA (Electronic Arts), Flashback (US Gold), GEX (Crystal Dynamics), Gridders (Tetragon), John Madden Football (Electronic Arts), Kingdom (Interplay Productions), Mega Race (Mindscape), Need for Speed (Electronic Arts), Night Trap (Digital Pictures), Off-World Interceptor (Crystal Dynamics) ,PaTaank (Crystal Dynamics), Pebble Beach Golf Links (Panasonic), Powers Kingdom (Panasonic), Road Rash (Electronic Arts), Samurai Shodown (Crystal Dynamics), Sesame Street Numbers (Electronic Arts), Sewer Shark (Digital Pictures), Shock Wave (Electronic Arts), Shock Wave Operation Jumpgate (Electronic Arts), Soccer Kid (Krisalis Software), Star Control (Crystal Dynamics), Station Invasion (Studio 3DO), Street Fighter II Turbo (Capcom), Super Wing Commander (Origin Systems), Supreme Warrior (Digital Pictures), The Horde (Crystal Dynamics), The Incredible Machine (Sierra On-line), The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes (Electronic Arts), Theme Park (Bullfrog Productions),Total Eclipse (Crystal Dynamics), Twisted (Electronic Arts), Virtuoso (Elite Systems), Way ofthe Warrior (Naughty Dog), Wing Commander 3 (Origin Systems), World Cup Golf (US Gold) (Pages 2-3)
  • Station Invasion - Full page ad - Page 11
  • Gridders - Full page ad - Backpage


  • Special Reserve - Half page ad with over 30 games including 11th Hour, Cyberclash, Dragon, Powerslide (Page 25)
  • Torc - Half page ad with about 30 games for sale (Page 25)
  • Computer Paradise - Half page ad with about 30 games for sale (Page 30)
  • Game Over- Small Ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 30)
  • Games USA - Quarter page ad with 20 games for sale including Magic Carpet (Page 30)
  • CCG - Small ad with 8 3DO games for sale (Page 30)
  • Excitement Direct - Small ad with over 30 games, including Cyberclash, Dragons Lair 2, Even More Incredible Machines and Powerslide (Page 35)
  • Corner Stone Games - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 35)
  • Senlac Computing - Half page ad with over 25 games including Powerslide (Page 35)
  • Ultra Software - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 35)
  • Exciting Times - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 35)
  • 3DO Magic - Half Page ad with around 30 games including Dragon, Heart Of Darkness and Powerslide (Page 46)
  • Game Crazy - Quarter page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 46)
  • Viking Computers - Quarter page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 46)
  • Arcadia - Quarter page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 55)
  • Mannerings - Quarter page ad with about 10 games for sale (Page 55)
  • Selective 3DO - Small ad with several adult titles (Page 55)
  • Video Game Centre - Small ad with about 30 games for sale including - Cyberclash (Page 55)
  • Krazy Konsoles - Quarter page ad with a handful of games (Page 55)
  • Ultra Software - 2nd Ad, quarter page this time, but only mentions they are selling 3DO (Page 61)
  • Harlequin Games - Quarter page ad with just a mention of selling FIFA (Page 61)
  • TCW Games - Quarter page ad with about 20 games for sale (Page 61)
  • Game Shack - Quarter page ad with about 30 games for sale including Dragon (Page 61)
  • CA Games - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Game Zone - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Deep Logic - Small ad with about 5 games for sale (Page 67)
  • TCW - (2nd ad) Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games including a scared looking woman holding a 3DO (Page 67)
  • Software Express - Small ad with about 5 games for sale (Page 67)
  • Stewart Electronics - Small ad with about 5 games for sale (Page 67)
  • GamePro - Small Ad with just over 20 3DO games for sale including Cyberclash (Page 67)
  • New Age - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • 3DO Mania - Small ad stating they are selling 3DO TShirts? (Page 67)
  • OMaras Discount Warehouse - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Console Connection - Small ad with about 5 games for sale (Page 67)


  • Editor - Dave Westley
  • Art Editor - Jon Ross
  • Assistant Editor - Mark Wynne
  • Contributing Writer - Stuart Wynne