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  • Full Name: 3DO Magazine Issue 4
  • Issue 4
  • Date June/July 1995
  • Region: EU
  • Barcode: 9771355962022 04
  • Cover Disc Yes
  • Notes:

Cover Disc

3DO Magazine 4 disc.jpg
Game Developer Publisher Content Type Note
Syndicate Bullfrog Productions Electronic Arts Playable Demo
  • Overview Article - Third page instructions for the demo (Page 8)


  • 3DO Unveil M2 - Full page overview on 3DO unveiling M2, general overviews given with titbits from IBM (Page 6)
  • Mega CD - Quarter page update on how the Sampler Disc 3 had been released in the US (Page 7)
  • E3 Mega Games - Quarter page news article about games at E3, these include: Absolute Zero (Domark), AD&D Deathkeep (SSI), Castle (Trilobyte), Cyberdillo (Panasonic), Deadly Skies (JVC), Discworld (Psygnosis), Fast Draw Show Down (American Laser Games), Foes Of Ali (EA), Fire & Ice (GoldStar), Firewall (GoldStar), Isis: Earth, Wind & Fire (Panasonic), The Last Bounty Hunter (EA), Lemmings Chronicles (Psygnosis), Lost Vikings (Interplay), Mazer (American Laser Games), McKenzie & Company (American Laser Games), Nevada '51 (EA), NHL '96 (EA), Olympic Soccer (US Gold), Penn & Teller (Absolute), Prowler (Origin), Rock 'N' Roll Racing (Interplay), Shock Wave II (EA), Sound Byte Cafe (EA), Strahl (Panasonic), Varuna's Forces (JVC), Vikings (MicroProse) and Virtual Stadium Baseball (EA), Mirage (Atlantis Interactive), Eye Spy (Cerebre), Rad The Rock Hopper (Crystal Oasis), In Your Face (Meta Design) and Chopper Assault (Orion) (Page 7)
  • Memory Matters - Small news article on how Panasonic have released the FZ-EM256 memory unit in the US (Page 7)


  • Movie Magic - Takes up most of the page, feature on Video CDs (Page 8)
  • 3DO World - 3 page regular feature on what games are out in Japan and the US, Games include D, Slopestyle, Mathemagics, Casino Cowboy, Space Shuttle and Dragon Tycoon (Pages 10-12)
  • John Edelson Interview - 2 Page interview with the 3DO Europe Marketing chief, states the M2 will "definitely be out in the US and Japan in 1995". He also mentions unreleased games such as 11th Hour, Heart of Darkness and has even "Got his first look" at NHL Hockey (Pages 14-15)
  • M2 The Reality Machine - 5 Page feature on specs around the machine, has an interesting section on quotes from developers, including Domark, Universal Interactive Studios, Silent Software, Interplay Productions, Art Data Interactive, Ocean Software, Spectrum Holobyte, Bullfrog, Electronic Arts, Motorola, Probe Software, Goldstar, Krisalis Software, Frontier Developments, Archer MacLean, DMA Design and Panasonic (Pages 17-21)
  • Surround Yourself - 3 page feature on Surround Sound, how to set it up and a general overview (Page 23-25)
  • Coming Soon - Two page list of games coming soon, unreleased games include: Acclaim - Slam City American Laser Games - Madison High, Art Data Interactive - Doom 2, Chess Wars, Alien Seed (M2) Electronic Arts - NHL 96 Elite - Powerslide Gametek: Baldies Infogrames: Alone in the Dark 3 Interplay Productions - Clay Fighters, Waterworld Kirin Entertainment - The Grandest Fleet MECC - Dinopark Tycoon Panasonic - BIOS Fear, Pony Canyon - F1GP, RunAndGun - Duellin Firemen Sierra - Red Baron, Spectrum Holobyte - Star Trek, Virgin Interactive - Dragon, Heart Of Darkness and 11th Hour Viridis Corp Dreamer, Project X (Page 64-65)


  • Creature Shock - Page 26
  • Space Hulk - Pages 27-29
  • The Daedalus Encounter - Pages 30-31
  • Starfighter - Pages 32-33
  • Studio 3DO - 2 Page Special preview from Studio 3DO, including games Battlesport, Zhadnost and Blade Force - Pages 34-35


Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Pg No(s) Rating
Wing Commander 3 Electronic Arts Stuart Wynne 3 37-39 5
Immercenary Electronic Arts Dave Westley 2 40-41 3
Supreme Warrior Digital Pictures Mark Wynne 1 42 2
Syndicate Electronic Arts Mark Wynne 3 43-45 5
Quarantine Gametek Dave Westley 2 46-47 2
Flashback Delphine Dave Westley 2 48-49 3
Slam N Jam Crystal Dynamics Mark Wynne 2 50-51 5
  • Wing Commander 3 - Overall, Wing Commander III is undoubtedly one of the year's most impressive releases. The 3DO version looks far better than the VGA mode most PCs will run it in, and is genuinely comparable to a Pentium running it in SVGA.
  • Immercenary - Overall then, Immercenary simply fails to deliver on its early promise and turns out to be uncomfortably stranded between the adventuring and blast-'em-up genres
  • Supreme Warrior - If they'd spent longer refining this title until it worked they could have had a major 3DO release. As it is, Supreme Warrior is noteworthy more for the effort involved than the final product.
  • Syndicate - These few niggles fail to detract from the near perfection of the game, however. A more stylish, involving, enjoyable British product you won't find - an unmissable experience.
  • Quarantine - So there you go. Quarantine - a brilliant concept, inadequately executed. Despite being a far better machine than the PC, the graphics on the 3DO Version of Quarantine are in every way inferior.
  • Flashback - If you haven't yet played Flashback on any system before, it's still a very impressive title, particularly on 3DO.
  • Slam N Jam - Slam 'n' Jam takes a life-threatening hold on you. With such astonishing presentation and huge, beefy characters at last everyone can appreciate the pace of this amazing game. Simply outstanding.


  • Gallup Chart for week ending 29th April 1995:

1 Gex 2 Return Fire 3 Need For Speed 4 FIFA Soccer 5 Flashback 6 Super SFII 6 Theme Park 8 Super Wing Commander 8 Alone In The Dark 10 Night Trap


  • Another World - Page 52
  • Burning Soldier - Page 52
  • Demolition Man - Page 52
  • The Horde - Page 52
  • Jammit - Page 52
  • Star Wars Rebel Assault - Page 52
  • Soccer Kid - Page 52
  • Stellar 7 - Page 52
  • Super Wing Commander - Page 52
  • Way Of The Warrior - Page 52
  • Star Control 2 - Page 53
  • Alone in the Dark - Pages 54-55


  • Desert Strike M2 - Letter asking about if Desert/Urban Strike will come to the 3DO, reply is Desert Strike is rumoured to be in the works for the M2, but a picture below the answer, claims Urban Strike is in the works for the M2. Also mention that NHL is in development for the 3DO (Page 56)



  • EA French Fancies - 2 Page advert showcasing 3 EA games, Wing Commander 3, Syndicate and Immercenary (Pages 2 & 3)
  • Gridders - Back page advert (Back Page)


  • Torc - Half page ad with 3 games for sale (Page 4)
  • PowerPlay - Half page ad with 20 games for sale (Page 4)
  • Virgin Megastore - Full page ad showing 4 3DO games (Page 9)
  • Games USA - Quarter page ad with 20 games for sale including Magic Carpet and Star Trek (Page 13)
  • TCW Games - Half page ad with about 12 games for sale including Heart Of Darkness and Magic Carpet (Page 13)
  • Gameplay - Half page ad with over 65 games including 11th Hour, Baldies, Cyberclash, Dinoblaze, Frankenstein, Rock N Roll Racing and Waterworld (Page 13)
  • Arcadia - Quarter page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 16)
  • Game Crazy - Quarter page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 16)
  • Console Connections - Half page ad with two infrared joypads (Page 16)
  • Senlac Computing - Half page ad with over 25 games including Powerslide (Page 22)
  • Adrenalin - Quarter page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 22)
  • Next Generation - Quarter page ad with 12 games for sale (Page 22)
  • Computer Paradise - Half page ad with about 50 games for sale (Page 36)
  • Game Shack - Quarter page ad with about 30 games for sale including Dragon (Page 36)
  • Excitement Direct - Quarter page ad with over 60 games, including 11th Hour, Cyberclash, Dragon, Dragons Lair 2, Powerslide and Shut Down (Page 36)
  • Special Reserve - Half page ad with over 30 games including 11th Hour, Cyberclash, Dragon, Powerslide and Shut Down (Page 63)
  • Mannerings - Quarter page ad with about 10 games for sale (Page 63)
  • Video Game Centre - Small ad with about 30 games for sale (Page 63)
  • Game Over- Quarter page ad with mention they are selling 3DO (Page 63)
  • Fantasia Consoles - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • OMaras Discount Warehouse - Small with about 40 games for sale including Cyber Clash and Dragons Lair 2 (Page 67)
  • Hard Level - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • Jive Consoles - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • TCW - 2nd advert, smaller mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • GamePro - Small Ad with just over 20 3DO games for sale (Page 67)
  • Game Zone - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Software Express - Small ad with about 18 games for sale including 11th Hour, Dragon, Powerslide and Scottish Golf Open (Page 67)
  • Tavistock Sound & Vision - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • CA Games - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Colin Dimond Consoles - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Zone Video - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • MCB Digital - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • Console Exchange - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • Stewart Electronics - Small ad with about 12 games for sale (Page 67)


  • Editor - Dave Westley
  • Art Editor - Mark Wynne
  • Managing Editor - Stuart Wynne