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  • Full Name: 3DO Magazine Issue 6
  • Issue 6
  • Date Oct/Nov 1995
  • Region: EU
  • Barcode: 9771355962022 06
  • Cover Disc Yes
  • Notes:

Cover Disc

Game Developer Publisher Content Type Note
BattleSport Cyclone Studios The 3DO Company Playable Demo
Captain Quazar Cyclone Studios The 3DO Company Playable Demo
  • Instruction Overview - Quarter page on how to play the 2 demos (Page 6)


  • Juggernaut Reborn - Article regarding 3DO being "Reborn" with the M2, Some snippets: Early development systems shipped "Months ago", 6 or so killer apps from day one, Studio 3DO will soon have 10 games in development for the M2, PC Graphics Cards, M2 could adopt DVD tech at a later date and how Sega may take up the tech (Page 4)
  • 3DO TV - News Article about US West Communications interactive trial in 50,000 homes in Omaha using 3DO tech. It was marketed as US West TeleChoice. Sega games were available first, with 3DO games to follow later, including ports of existing games that could potentially be fully networked for multiplayer. (Page 4)
  • Maximum Babe - Half page article around Digital Pictures and their games Quarterback Attack and Maximum Surge (Page 5)
  • Panasonic Online - Small article that Panasonic UK had gone online with info on 3DO Dealers (Page 5)
  • No Dodo - Article on how 3DO Europe had signed up ad agency BDDH to help create a new campaign (Page 6)
  • Saturn 2 - Half page on how Sega of America had denied any involvement with 3DO (Page 6)


  • Phil Kipling Interview - Full page article on the UK Panasonic 3DO guy, speaks about Panasonic opening their software development/publishing arm in the UK, as they are new they are behind the San Francisco and Osaka operations that have both 3DO and M2 games in the pipeline. The UKs first title will be Striker. (Page 9)
  • Kieron Sumner Interview - Two page interview with the Goldstar 3DO man, Speaks about Goldstars commitment to the M2, 3DO Europe had told him that M2 development kits will ship in the next several weeks, also goes on to say that he believes Philips will adopt the 3DO or M2 tech (Pages 10-11)
  • Rich Shane Interview - Full page interview with the Studio 3DO head, states they have an M2 game almost complete, also states if they were if they were to do M2 upgrades to current games it will be Battlesport and Starfighter (Page 12)
  • Phoenix 3 Studio Feature - 4 page feature of Studio GrayMatter and the making of Phoenix 3 (Pages 24-27)
  • Sex Machine - 2 page feature on adult titles out for the 3DO, including American Justice, Immortal Desire, Love Bites, Sex, The Coven and Endlessly (Pages 50-51)
  • Coming Soon - Two page list of games coming soon, unreleased games include: Acclaim - Maximum Surge, Slam City American Laser Games - Fast Draw Showdown, Madison High, McKenzie & Co, Shootout at Old Tuscon Art Data Interactive - Doom 2, Chess Wars, Alien Seed (M2) BMG - Loadstar, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Electronic Arts - NHL 96, Prowler, Shredfest Elite - Onside, Powerslide Goldstar: Fire & Ice, Firewall, Firewolves Infogrames: Alone in the Dark 3 Interplay Productions - Cesars World of Gambling, Clay Fighter 2, Descent, Lost Vikings 2, Rock N Roll Racing, Waterworld JVC - Deadly Skies, Varunas Forces Kirin Entertainment - The Grandest Fleet MECC - Dinopark Tycoon Panasonic - BIOS Fear, Mortal Kombat 3 Pony Canyon - F1GP, RunAndGun - Duellin Firemen Spectrum Holobyte - Star Trek, Top Gun (M2) Studio 3DO - 3DO Decathlon, Absolute Zero, Golden Gate Virgin Interactive - Heart Of Darkness and 11th Hour Viridis Corp Dreamer, Project X (Page 64-65)


  • Waterworld - Pages 13-15
  • Starfighter - Pages 16-17
  • Defcon 5 - Pages 18-19
  • Blade Force - Page 20
  • Primal Rage - Pages 22-23


Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Pg No(s) Rating
Captain Quazar Studio 3DO Mark Wynne 2 30-31 5
Panzer General SSI Stuart Wynne 2 32-33 4
Scramble Cobra Panasonic Stuart Wynne 2 34-35 3
Tripd Panasonic Stuart Wynne 1 36 3
Lost Eden Virgin Interactive Stuart Wynne 2 38-39 3
Ballz Panasonic Mark Wynne 2 40-41 3
Kingdom The Far Reaches Interplay Productions Mark Wynne 2 42-43 2
Icebreaker Panasonic Stuart Wynne 1 45 4
Battlesport Studio 3DO Mark Wynne 2 46-47 5
Mazer American Laser Games Stuart Wynne 1 48 1
  • Captain Quazar - If anyone ever suggests that the 3DO hasn't got arcade, feel good games to rival other consoles, just sit them down in front of Captain Quazar. You'll never hear another word.
  • Panzer General - This is undoubtedly a classic of its kind and the fact 3DO's first such game is the best of its type is great.
  • Scramble Cobra - While the game is hardly a proper sim, the various elements gel perfectly to create an entirely believable alternate world.
  • Tripd - Overall, Tripd is an odd mix of the excellent and the sloppy. The basic innovation of the Deow'Nz is great and gives the basic Tetris engine a far more competitive, tactical edge.
  • Lost Eden - More surprisingly, graphics which caused jaws to drop only last year now seem rather dated.
  • Ballz - This is a great novelty title offering plenty of laughs then, but it can't rival SSFII's finely tuned gameplay.
  • Kingdom - Unfortunately, poor encoding means fast action scenes get horribly broken up. If this was live action footage, the poor coding might not be so noticeable
  • Icebreaker - All of which isn't to say Icebreaker is a mid-Eighties throwback which looks awful, but plays great. Icebreaker actually looks pretty smart.
  • Battlesport - In short, Battle Sport is a game that demands attention and rewards with the most essential two-player game on any system around.
  • Mazer - Time after time, people who'd been stopped in their tracks by Mazer's visuals would wander away in utter disappointment after playing it.


  • Dealer Chart for July/August 1995:

1 - Wing Commander III 2 - Multi game Sampler 3 3 - Hell 4 - Syndicate 5 - Return Fire 6 - The Need for Speed 7 - Road Rash 8 - FIFA 9 - Cannon Fodder 10 - Ballz


  • Hell - Page 52
  • Rise Of The Robots - Page 52
  • Wing Commander 3 - Page 52
  • Dragons Lair - Page 52
  • Myst - Page 52
  • Quarantine - Page 53
  • Samurai Shodown - Page 53
  • Slam N Jam - Page 53



  • Ice Breaker - Full page ad (Page 2)
  • Studio 3DO - Two page ad with Killing time and Blade Force (Pages 58-59)
  • POed - Full page ad (Back page)


  • Gameplay - Half page ad with over 65 games including 11th Hour, Baldies, Cyberclash, Dragon, Frankenstein, Prowler, Rock N Roll Racing and Waterworld (Page 8)
  • Torc - Half page ad with 15 games for sale including 11th Hour (Page 8)
  • Special Reserve - Half page ad with over 30 games including 11th Hour, Cyberclash, Dragon, Powerslide and Shut Down (Page 21)
  • Game Shack - Quarter page ad with about 30 games for sale including Dragon (Page 21)
  • Edge Direct - Quarter page ad with 10 3DO games for sale (Page 21)
  • Mannerings - Quarter page ad with about 10 games for sale (Page 28)
  • Computa Bitz - Quarter page ad with about 8 games (Page 28)
  • Video Game Centre - Small ad with about 30 games for sale (Page 28)
  • TCW Games - Quarter page ad with 10 games for sale including 11th Hour (Page 28)
  • Jive Consoles - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 44)
  • GamePro - Small Ad with just over 20 3DO games for sale including NHL Hockey and Prowler (Page 44)
  • Tavistock Sound & Vision - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 44)
  • Console Connections - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO controllers (Page 44)
  • Stewart Electronics - Small ad with about 12 games for sale (Page 44)
  • CA Games - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 44)
  • New Age - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 44)
  • CCG - Small ad with some controllers and several games (Page 44)
  • Hard Level - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 44)
  • The Chip Shop - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 44)
  • Console Exchange - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO (Page 44)
  • Movie Time - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO (Page 44)
  • CD Direct - Full page ad with 50+ Games for sale including Fast Draw Showdown, McKenzie & Co, Shootout at Old Tuscan, Doom 2, Prowler, Alone in the Dark 3, Power Slide, Slam City, NHL Hockey, Onside and Caesars World of Gambling (Page 67)


  • Art Editor - Mark Wynne
  • Managing Editor - Stuart Wynne