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  • Full Name: 3DO Magazine Issue 7
  • Issue 7
  • Date Dec/Jan 95/96
  • Region: EU
  • Barcode: 9771355962022 07
  • Cover Disc Yes
  • Notes:

Cover Disc

3DO Magazine 7 disc.jpg
Game Developer Publisher Content Type Note
Star Fighter Krisalis Software The 3DO Company Playable Demo
  • Half page guide on the Star Fighter Demo (Page 8)


  • The $100m M2 Deal - Full page news article about how Panasonic bought the M2 tech, some interesting snippets including Williams rumoured to be working on a M2 powered Arcade game called War Gods, DVD will be at the core of the M2, M2 Devkits went out in June to key developers, but its claimed the technology still isn't complete, the 1st system release will be in the 2nd half of 1996 with the DVD upgrade to follow. Panasonic also has plans to use the tech for conventital CD players, portables, car navigation units and interactive TVs (Page 6)
  • DVD & You - Half page article explaining the "new" tech and how it will benefit the M2 (Page 7)
  • FZ10 £199 - Panasonic is giving retail partners deals that can reduce the price down to £199 (Page 7)
  • Sega Come 2nd - Small article about how Sega have admitted that Panasonic were looking at buying them, but came "2nd" when they bought the M2 tech instead (Page 7)
  • GDO 202P £249.99 - Goldstar have reduced the price of their system to £249.99, and are doing a big marketing push in mens magazines such as GQ, FHM and Loaded (Page 7)
  • Arts Doom - Quarter page article about how the delayed title will be out by Xmas, claims that "last minute tweaks" have doubled the resolution....and compares it the same standard at the PC VGA. There were plans for Modem or link up play, and the game can handle it but 3DO engineers declined to help, also Doom 2 will not be on the M2 as rumoured, but will be out in Spring 1996 (Page 7)
  • Second Return - Article about Return Fires expansion pack Maps of Death being released before year end (Page 7)


  • Hugh C Martin Interview - 3 Page interview with the 3DO president around the sale of M2 to Panasonic, some highlights including the confirmation of simple serial lead connection that allows networking between M2s, 3-5 A+ Arcade like games need to be released at launch, the new launch will be both an upgrade and standalone unit, says there are over 15 games currently in "active development" but they now have to get a licence from Panasonic, also claims you will see games at next years E3 (Pages 11-13)
  • 3DO World - 5 page feature on the Japanese Releases, games include: Autobahn Tokyo, F1GP (With UK release 96), Pro Stadium, Goal Field Hunter. Virtual Stadium, Street Fighter The Animated Movie, D Directors Cut, D2 M2 (With UK version out 1996), Trip'd 2, Blue Forest Story, Tetsujin 2, Policenauts, Nice Body and Nigel Mansell (Pages 16-20)
  • Coming Soon - Two page list of games coming soon, unreleased games include: Acclaim - Maximum Surge, Slam City American Laser Games - Fast Draw Showdown, Madison High, McKenzie & Co, Orbatak, Shootout at Old Tuscon Art Data Interactive - Doom 2, Chess Wars BMG - Loadstar, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Wingnut Electronic Arts - NHL 96, Prowler, Shredfest, Wing Commander 4 Elite - Onside, Powerslide Goldstar: Firewall, Firewolves Infogrames: Alone in the Dark 3 Interplay Productions - Cesars World of Gambling, Clay Fighter 2, Descent, Lost Vikings 2, Waterworld JVC - Deadly Skies, Varunas Forces Panasonic - BIOS Fear, C-Runner, ISIS, Mortal Kombat 3, Luciennes Quest Pony Canyon - F1GP, RunAndGun - Duellin Firemen Studio 3DO - 3DO Decathlon, Absolute Zero, Golden Gate Universal Studios - Disrupter 7 Virgin Interactive - Heart Of Darkness and 11th Hour

M2 Games - American Laser Games - Shining Sword, Unknown Game Art Data Interactive - Alien Seed Crystal Dynamics - Racing Game, Electronic Arts - John Madden, Road Rash Interplay Productions - Descent, Clayfighter 3, Iron Blood, VR Sports Spectrum Holobyte - Top Gun Studio 3DO - M2 Racing, Dungeon Game, Battlesport 2, Return Fire 2, Starfighter 6000 Universal Studios - Disrupter 7 Warp - D2 Williams - War Gods (Page 64-65)


  • Snow Job - Pages 14-15
  • Shock Wave 2 - Pages 23-25


Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Pg No(s) Rating
StarFighter Studio 3DO Stuart Wynne 2 28-29 5
Phoenix 3 Studio 3DO Mark Wynne 2 30-31 4
BladeForce Studio 3DO Stuart Wynne 2 32-33 4
Puzzle Bobble Panasonic Stuart Wynne 1 34 5
POed Studio 3DO Stuart Wynne 3 35-37 5
Wolfenstein 3D Interplay Productions Mark Wynne 2 38-39 3
Drug Wars American Laser Games Mark Wynne 2 40-41 3
Psychic Detective Electronic Arts Stuart Wynne 3 43-45 4
Killing Time Studio 3DO Stuart Wynne 2 46-47 5
  • StarFighter - Overall, Star Fighter is more outrageously and immediately entertaining than any game or sci-fi for the last 8 years
  • Phoenix 3 - Phoenix 3 is a smart product that shows off the 3DO to good effect and should be on everyone's shopping list this Christmas
  • BladeForce - Blade Force will certainly not appeal to everyone. Its sheer scale mean those who prefer their action carved in short sections and get lost going to the local shops won't like it.
  • Puzzle Bobble - The best fun is still, of course, two-player mode. The main draw is the simple connection between players. For example, when you clear six bubbles, they go into a store and if your opponent doesn't soon clear an equivalent number he gets a little present
  • POed - PO'ed really is something genuinely new. It has neither the elaborate problems of Killing Time nor the comparatively straightforward, highly confined action of Doom.
  • Wolfenstein 3D - Wolfenstein 3D is a classic then, which somehow seems as much fun as it ever did. Those drawn to the slick visuals and spooky, cerebral nature of Killing Time may mock its chunky graphics.
  • Drug Wars - The vast increase in violence, humour and sexism makes Drug Wars a much more enjoyable prospect, cosmetically, and the extravagant locations certainly make it look like you're getting value for money.
  • Psychic Detective - Unlike most games of its genre, it doesn't take long at all to play through a game - especially if you don't pick many options.
  • Killing Time - Killing Time acquires many of the best features of movies without suffering the penalties of a linear plot and simplistic gameplay. In the future, this is how all games will be


  • Gallup Top Ten October 1995:

1: Multi Game Sampler 4 - Studio 3DO 2: Striker: World Cup Special - Panasonic 3: Blade Force - Studio 3DO 4: Space Hulk - Electronic Arts 5: Wing Commander III - Electronic Arts 6: Cannon Fodder - Virgin 7: Myst - Panasonic 8: Theme Park - Bullfrog 9: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - Panasonic 10: Multi Game Sampler 3 - Studio 3DO


  • Gex - Pages 49-51
  • Flying Nightmares - Page 52



  • Panasonic - Action, Adventure, Horror - Two page ad with Strike, Daedalus Encounter and D (Pages 2-3)
  • 3DO - Don't Play a Dodo - Two page ad with the infamous slogan (Pages 58-59)
  • POed - Full page ad (Back page)


  • Computer Exchange - Full page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 4)
  • Special Reserve - Half page ad with over 30 games including 11th Hour, Cyberclash, Dragon, NHL Hockey and Powerslide (Page 9)
  • Game Shack - Quarter page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 9)
  • Edge Direct - Quarter page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 9)
  • Gameplay - Half page ad with over 65 games including 11th Hour, Baldies, Dragon, Frankenstein, Prowler, Rock N Roll Racing and Waterworld (Page 10)
  • Torc - Half page ad with 15 games for sale including 11th Hour (Page 10)
  • Mannerings - Quarter page ad with about 10 games for sale including NHL Hockey (Page 22)
  • TCW Games - Quarter page ad with 10 games for sale including 11th Hour (Page 22)
  • Video Game Centre - Small ad with about 30 games for sale (Page 22)
  • Alpha Consoles - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 22)
  • Solid Gold Games Centre - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • The Chip Shop - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • Computa Bitz - Small ad with about 10 games (Page 67)
  • Tavistock Sound & Vision - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • CA Games - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Delaune - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Jive Consoles - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Console Exchange - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • GamePro - Small Ad with just 8 3DO games for sale (Page 67)
  • Movie Time - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • Stewart Electronics - Small ad with about 6 games for sale (Page 67)
  • CCG - Small ad with some controllers and several games (Page 67)
  • Console Connections - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO controllers (Page 67)


  • Art Editor - Mark Wynne
  • Managing Editor - Stuart Wynne