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  • Full Name: 3DO Magazine Issue 8
  • Issue 8
  • Date Feb/Mar 96
  • Region: EU
  • Barcode: 9771355962022 08
  • Cover Disc Yes
  • Notes:

Cover Disc

3DO Magazine 8 disc.jpg
Game Developer Publisher Content Type Note
Phoenix 3 Gray Matter The 3DO Company Playable Demo
  • Half page overview of how to play (Page 8)


  • $100m Bargain - Page and half article which has some nice screenshots of the Genki M2 Program, also pictures of the Dolphin Game and a shot of a Japan games show that showed the M2, quotes from Panasonic include How they are committed to both a modem and upgrade to the 3DO, Sega insisted in their negotiations to eliminate backward compatibility. Also spoke of an internal clock, so the system could wish you Merry Xmas! (Pages 6-7)
  • 3DO Game Awards - Quarter page article on 3DOs own awards, winners are:
  • Fighting Game of the Year - Primal Rage
  • Sports Game of the Year - Slam 'N Jam '95
  • Strategy/Puzzle Game of the Year - Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angeles
  • Edutainment Title of the Year - Station Invasion
  • Simulation of the Year - Need for Speed
  • Best 3D Game of the Year - Star Fighter
  • Two-Player Game of the Year - Return Fire
  • Interactive Movie of the Year - Wing Commander III
  • Adventure Game of the Year - Killing Time
  • Action Game of the Year - Gex
  • Game of The Year - Need For Speed.

Also in the article is Gold (100k) and Platinum sales (250k) for the following games - Platinum - Fifa, Gex. Gold - Crash 'N Burn, Road Rash, Need for Speed, Shock Wave, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Total Eclipse, Pebble Beach Golf (Page 7)

  • Captain Quazar Nabbed - Half page article about how 3DO have bought Cyclone Studios (Page 7)
  • Gamebusting - Half page article around the Game Guru that is going to be released (Page 8)
  • The Sumner Brothers - Small article about how Gametek led by Kelly Sumner, has made a distribution agreement with his brother (Who runs Goldstar UK) to sell their games, including Primal Rage, BC Racers, Defcon 5, Fire Wolves and Firewall (Page 8)
  • ALG exit Arcade - Small article that American Laser Games will be exited the arcade market, instead licencing their games to 3rd parties. They are committing to home systems instead with 2 reported games in the works for M2 (Page 8)


  • Coming Soon - Two page list of games coming soon, unreleased games include: Acclaim - Maximum Surge, Slam City American Laser Games - Fast Draw Showdown, Madison High, McKenzie & Co, Orbatak, Shootout at Old Tuscon Art Data Interactive - Doom 2, Chess Wars BMG - Loadstar, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Wingnut Electronic Arts - Virtual Stadium Baseball, NHL 96, Prowler, Shredfest, Wing Commander 4 Elite - Onside Goldstar: Firewall, Firewolves Infogrammes: Alone in the Dark 3 Interplay Productions - Cesars World of Gambling, Clay Fighter 2, Descent, Lost Vikings 2, Waterworld JVC - Deadly Skies, Varunas Forces Panasonic - BIOS Fear, C-Runner, ISIS, Mortal Kombat 3, Luciennes Quest Pony Canyon - F1GP, RunAndGun - Duellin Firemen Studio 3DO - 3DO Baseball, 3DO Decathlon, Golden Gate Universal Studios - Disrupter 7 US Gold - Olympic Basketball Virgin Interactive - Heart Of Darkness and 11th Hour

M2 Games - American Laser Games - Shining Sword, Unknown Game Art Data Interactive - Alien Seed Crystal Dynamics - Racing Game, Electronic Arts - John Madden, Road Rash Interplay Productions - Descent, Clayfighter 3, Iron Blood, VR Sports Spectrum Holobyte - Top Gun Studio 3DO - M2 Racing, Dungeon Game, Battlesport 2, Return Fire 2, Starfighter 6000 Universal Studios - Disrupter 7 Warp - D2 Williams - War Gods (Page 64-65)


Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Pg No(s) Rating
Doom Art Data Interactive Stuart Wynne 4 12-15 3
Deathkeep SSI Stuart Wynne 3 16-18 4
Alone In The Dark 2 Infogrammes Mark Wynne 4 20-23 4
Return Fire Maps Of Death Studio 3DO Stuart Wynne 2 24-25 5
Foes Of Ali Electronic Arts Stuart Wynne 4 44-47 4
Shock Wave 2 Electronic Arts Stuart Wynne 3 50-52 4
  • Doom - First things first: forget the hype. While it might be understandable that Art Data should seek to aggressively boost such a massively delayed and skeptically regarded project, the reality turns out to be an embarrassing distance from the talk.
  • Deathkeep - Overall, Death Keep is squarely placed between the ultra-realism of Killing Time and the dizzying ambition of PO'ed. As you'd expect of a sequel, it's arguably more solid.
  • Alone In The Dark 2 - Despite Alone 2's merits, the convertsion lets it down somewhat. Rather than exploit the 3DO's 33,000 colour palette, the graphics use the old 256 colour PC format.
  • Return Fire Maps Of Death - Overall, Maps Of Death is an excellent release which thoroughly overhauls the original. The fact that it retains most of the early levels means even beginners will enjoy it
  • Foes Of Ali - On the whole Foes of Ali is the most playable next generation boxing game that I have reviewed to date. It is well presented, slick and full of enough options to afford 3DO owners with variety without being excessively complicated.
  • Shock Wave 2 - Overall, Shock Wave 2's main strength is its flawless composition of state-of the-art FMV presentation with a sophisticated and intelligent tactical shoot-'em-up.


  • Gallup Top Ten October 1995...which is the same date as the previous issues chart....:

1. PO'ed 2. StarFighter 3: Alone In The Dark 2 4. Multiple Game Sampler 4 5: Killing Time 6: Theme Park 7: Multi Game Sampler 3 8: FIFA International Soccer 9: Wing Commander III 10:Slayer


  • Space Hulk - Pages 27-42



  • Panasonic - Action, Adventure, Horror - Two page ad with Striker, Daedalus Encounter and D (Pages 2-3)
  • 3DO - Don't Play a Dodo - Two page ad with the infamous slogan (Pages 48-49)
  • POed - Full page ad (Back page)


  • Computer Exchange - Full page ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 4)
  • Special Reserve - Half page ad with over 30 games including 11th Hour, NHL Hockey and Powerslide (Page 19)
  • Mannerings - Quarter page ad with about 10 games for sale including NHL Hockey (Page 19)
  • Video Game Centre - Small ad with about 30 games for sale (Page 19)
  • Console Exchange - Small ad with 16 games for sale (Page 19)
  • Jive Consoles - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Alpha Consoles - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • Holburn Consoles- Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO games (Page 67)
  • Movie Time - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • GamePro - Small Ad with just 8 3DO games for sale (Page 67)
  • The Chip Shop - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • Solid Gold Games Centre - Small ad with mention they sell 3DO (Page 67)
  • Console Connections - Small ad mentioning they sell 3DO controllers (Page 67)
  • Stewart Electronics - Small ad with about 6 games for sale (Page 67)
  • Torc - Quarter page ad with mention they are selling 3DO (Page 67)


  • Art Editor - Mark Wynne
  • Managing Editor - Stuart Wynne