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  • Full Name: 3DO Magazine Japan Issue 5/6 1996
  • Issue 5/6 1996
  • Date May/June 1996
  • Region: JP
  • Barcode: T1064681161480
  • Cover Disc Yes
  • Notes:


  • Shall We M2? (Pages 12-16) - Large article regarding the M2 with the following:

- Interview with Panasonic Wondertainment Managing Director, Mr Takeshi Matsuo, who was in charge of getting software for the M2, he wouldn't answer the question on the price of the M2, Capcom and Konami were mentioned they were going to be using the M2 for Arcade technology, and how Warp have developed D2, but Mr Matsuo, refused to go into any other.

- The magazine held a survey with 70 Japanese Developers and 38 overseas. Q1 - Do you find the M2 Attractive - 32% No, 68% Yes (There was a note underneath, stating that overseas companies seem to have more information than local companies, and that some companies have said no due to lack of information. Q2, if the answer was attractive, what do you find attractive: 1st CPU 16, 3D Engine 16, Sound 16, Fast Pixel display 14, MPEG 1 9, Memory 9, OS 6, Marketability 5, Communication function 4, Other 2. Q3 - What other functions would you like to see in the M2? List included Expanded Memory, AV expansion, 8mb Ram, DVD, MPEG2, Boot Ram Card (3 others I cant translate). Q4 - How will the M2 Succeed - Killer Software, Good Software, Top level publishers, low standardization, Lower prices, Good distribution and sales, open environment, follow Sonys marketing, People at Panasonic need to become a challenger, get more involved with the arcade market. Q5 Opinions about Panasonic and their handling of M2 licencing and sales: Panasonic Mixing other business such as home appliances, remember the software, Need a clear business plan, Cheap development kit, Keep down the licence fee, create 1st party titles, put more effort into promoting, see it as a games machine, learn from the mistakes of the 3DO, Make sure you have experienced people in games, Show a roadmap to developers

- Interview with Akihiko Nagata, Konami's Development General Manager, generally speaking about how they are going to use the M2 technology for some arcade games, they didn't name any, and there was a potential for release in 1996

- Interview with Junichi Nagai, Capcom's Manager for Advertising and Sales Promotion Division, speaks about using M2 for their arcade machines, especially around fighting games, in the interview he said Capcom would support the home M2, as well as other platforms.

- Interview with Kenji Eno, CEO of Warp. Sings the praises of the M2, and downplays Playstation and Saturn, points out about the polygons are great for D2. Ends the interview with how M2 is more capable than any other machine.

  • Coming Soon Japan - List of games that are coming out in Japan:

Need to translate better

  • Coming Soon Overseas - List of games that were meant to have come out in the US but never did: (I haven't included games that were listed and released)

Absolute Entertainment - Penn & Tellers Smoke & Mirrors American Laser Games - McKenzie & Co, Shootout at Old Tuscan Art Data - Chess Wars, Doom 2 Atlantis Interactive - The Atlantean Book Of Destiny, UFOS are Real Cerebre - Eye Spy Crystal Oasis - Rad The Rock Hopper Digital Pictures - Maximum Surge Electric Dreams - Angel Devoid Electro Media - Wonder Lust Elite - Powerslide Gametek - Baldies Infromgrames - Alone in the Dark 3 Interplay - Frankenstein, Kingdom 2, Waterworld, Clayfighter 2,Rock And Roll Racing L3 Interactive - Real Line:An interactive learning cube, The Ultimate Fighting Style JVC - Varunas Forces Meta-Design - In Your Face Microprose - Vikings Morpheus Interactive - Saturncide Origin Systems - Wing Commander 4 Panasonic - Theo the Dinosaur, Obelisk, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Paramount - Star Trek Manual Psygnosis - Discworld Readysoft - Dragons Lair 2 Rocket Science - Cadillac's and Dinosaurs, Loadstar, Wing Nuts Runandgun - Duelin Firemen Studio 3DO - 3DO Games Decathlon, Baseball Universal - Disruptor US Gold - Dream Team Basketball VideoactV - Fun!, InteractV Aerobics:Hi Low & Combo, Planet Vegas, Tigernaut Beyond the Stars, Time is Broken, Toon Time 2 Virgin Interactive - Dragon Vivid Interactive - The Blind Spot, Taken it off, Winner Takes All


  • Ladies & Kids - Pages 62 and 63 - Monthly article giving reviews on what games are good for Women and Children. Ladies games include Puzzle Bobble, Trip'd, Incredible Machine, Lemmings and Crayon Shin-chan. For the Kids the games I couldn't translate
  • For Adults - Pages 64 and 65 - Monthly article giving an insight into adult games, the two games featured are Psychic Detective
  • 3DO Awards - Pages 83 to 87 - Special feature giving awards to the best 3DO games in different category's:

- Overall Winner - 1st - Policenauts 2nd - D's Dining Table 3rd - D Directors Cut 4th - Sword & Sorcery 5th - Return Fire

- 3D Shooting Game - Shock Wave Operation Jumpgate

- Action - Gex

- Simulation - Theme Park

- Adventure Games - Policenauts

- Sports - J League Virtual Stadium

- Edutainment - Emit Vol 1

- Hip Hop = Policenauts

- Graphics - D Directors Cut

- Music - Sword & Sorcery

- Cost Performance - Short Warp

- My Favourite Game - Return Fire


  • Psychic Detective (Page 91) - Full page preview
  • Shock Wave 2 (Page 92) - Full page preview
  • Primal Rage (Page 93) - Full page preview
  • Return Fire Maps O Death (Page 94) - Half page preview
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat (Page 94) - Half page preview

Games Overview

  • Blue Forest Story (Pages 18-25) - 6 page overview of the game
  • Doom (Pages 26-29) - 4 page overview
  • V Goal Soccer (Pages 30-33) - 4 page overview
  • Rockman X3 (Pages 34-35) - 2 page overview
  • Clockwerx (Page 36) - Full page overview
  • 7 Masters (Page 37) - Full page overview



  • Whats New By Panasonic - Two page ad, 1st page has Blue Forest Story, with 4 small screenshots. 2nd Page contains three games, V Goal Soccer 96 takes up half, with now on sale and 3 small screenshots, The Tower is one quarter, with also a now on sale, but only shows the picture that is on the front of the actual CD, The final quarter contains unreleased Rockman 3, its an illustrated picture, with a release of "Early Summer 96". Below are three small screenshots of Birth Debut Pure, Grand Chef and Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise Special: Koi no Tenpai Beat (Pages 2-3)
  • V Goal Soccer 96 - Full page ad with 10 Screenshots, and chance to win a branded V Goal Soccer 96 Wall Clock (1 of 500) (Page 4)
  • Short Warp - 2 Page Ad on the limited edition run of the 9 mini games compilation, Short Warp by Warp, it shows a screenshot of each mini game. It says that if you send the game sleeve with the handwritten number on, you go into a lottery to win a prize, it doesnt state with prize (Pages 6-7)
  • Doom - Two page ad, First page is the classic Doom picture with big text over it "Doom is coming", there is a small screenshot, which doesn't seem to show the 3DO's letter box which plagued the game, the 2nd page, the game is over available by mail order from its distributor, Basho House, you get a strategy book for free. (Pages 8-9)
  • D2 M2 - Two page ad with the main character taking up the most of the pages with the caption "Despair" (Pages 98-99)
  • Whats New By Panasonic - Blue Forest Story - Duplicate of the page 2 advert but at the back. (Back page)

[[Category:Tanjo Debut Pure]


  • Tokuma Intermedia - Two page ad on what I think is directory of cheats, not jsut for 3DO but for other machines like the SNES (Pages 10-11)


  • Page 38-41 - Tanjo Debut Pure
  • Pages 42-45 - Captain Quazar
  • Pages 46-49 - Grand Chef
  • Pages 50-51 - The Tower
  • Pages 52-53 - Royal Pro Wrestling
  • Pages 54-55 - Defcon 5
  • Pages 56-57 - Princess Maker 2
  • Page 58 - D Directors Cut
  • Page 58 - AutoBahn Tokio
  • Page 58 - Pro Virtual Baseball Stadium
  • Page 58 - Sotsugyo II Neo Generation
  • Page 59 - Alone in the Dark 2
  • Page 59 - The Need For Speed
  • Page 59 - Theme Park
  • Page 59 - Road Rash
  • Page 60 - Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2: Hyper Edition
  • Page 60 - Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise Special: Koi no Tenpai Beat
  • Page 60 - Super Real Mahjong P V
  • Page 60 - Oneesan to Issho! Kisekae Paradise
  • Page 61 - Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S
  • Page 61 - Crayon Shin-chan
  • Page 61 - Way Of The Warrior