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  • Full Name: 3DO TES - 3DO Training Educational System (Learning self-defense firefighting activities)
  • Code: TGI-MM01
  • Type: Training
  • Developer: Tokyo Fire Department,TG Information Network
  • Publisher: Panasonic
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release Date:
  • Region: JP
  • Barcode:
  • Local Title: 自衛消防活動の学習
  • Rarity: 1
  • Notes:


In 1995, Panasonic teamed up with the Self-Defense Forces (in the world) to produce 3DO software that introduces various activities of the Self-Defense Forces to visitors to the Self-Defense Forces, and distributed the 3DO main unit to the Self-Defense Forces camps throughout Japan.

So, this work introduced this time is a how-to software to learn the firefighting activities of the Self-Defense Forces as the title indicates. It seems that it was produced by the Tokyo Fire Department, TG Information Network, Panasonic, but it is presumed that the programming was done by TG Information Network ...

In 3DO, there are many business-related software other than such games, but since it was not originally produced on the premise of general sales, the number of production is quite small and it is said that it has become a premiere as a result.