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AT&T Prototype - Shown Unknown (Potentially CES Jan 1994)


  • Full Name: AT&T 3DO Console
  • Code:
  • Type: 3DO Console
  • Manufacturer: AT&T
  • Release Date: Unreleased
  • Region: NA
  • Barcode:
  • Local Title:
  • Rarity: 1
  • Notes: The AT&T 3DO was previously planned, and would have optionally included a modem for networked games and communication. Their 3DO console plans have been cancelled, along with their 3DO voicespan modem. Which would of enabled the 3DO to be networked and gamers able to compete against each other. AT&T publicly seemed to show support for the 3DO until at least Jan 95 then decided to leave the videogames market completely. A prototype was shown at January 94's Consumer Electronic Show and was planned for launch in Autumn that year.

AT&T network service would of been called Edge 16, and would of been available for the Sega Genesis as well. It took a 20% stake in Sierra Online, a subsidiary of Sierra Entertainment (Makers of such games as Leisure Suit Larry) in July 1993, and invested $5m to help develop new content. Sierra Online, which was founded in 1991, and shut after changing hands of several different owners (And a name change to Imagination Inc) allowed gamers to expensively play such online games as Chess, Checkers to action games as Red Baron that were playable in its "Sierra Land". It even had a "Larry Land"(Leisure Suit Larry) but this was changed to "Casino Land" Later in life. e

Even though it isnt confirmed what Sierra Entertainment would of made or was working on for AT&T, other confirmed Sega Genesis Edge 16 supporters, included Sega, Electronic Arts, Tengen, GameTek and Micropose. Ballz at the CES winter 94, was also showcased as a live demo on the Genesis as well as in its adverts.

AT&T sold their stake of Sierra Online in 1996 to AOL.


Source Date Link Note
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Tech Monitor Jul 93 Tech Monitor Article Jul 93 References AT&T's buy of Sierra online and its Edge 16 Network
SFGate May 95 AT&T Selling Stake in 3DO Filing to the SEC by AT&T to sell its 3DO stake
Edge Magazine #12 94 Edge 3DO Supplement in Issue 12 Page 5 shows a picture of the prototype as well as a timeline of when AT&T started to build (June 93 - when they got the 3DO chips) and CES (Jan 94)