Cool World Vol 4 Book

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  • Full Name: Cool World Vol 4 Book
  • Type: Strategy
  • Publisher: Alig
  • Linked Game: Various
  • Language: Russian
  • Release Date: 4th September 1996
  • Region: RU
  • Barcode:
  • Local Title: Крутой Мир №4 - Энциклопедия видеоигр 3DO
  • Rarity: 1
  • Notes:

Research Notes

  • Need to add in the categories
  • They have a CD pack shot of an adult game called "1-2-3 Intarus" It is linked with Mind Teazer (Potentially Japanese but has publisher down as Vivid interactive)


The book presents the most common video games for the 3DO (Panasonic, Goldstar) set-top box - the most popular 32-bit gaming system. Descriptions, walkthroughs, codes, recommendations - you will find all this in this small but extremely valuable book. It differs from other literature of a similar type in quality.