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What we know

  • Full Name: Rain Drop
  • Type: Cross between Marble Madness and Outrun
  • Developer: CP Brain
  • Publisher:
  • Language: Japanese
  • Planned Release Date: est 1995
  • Region: JP
  • Local Title: レインドロップス
  • Notes: The 3DOs ability was one of the factors

Research Overview

The designer Yasunari Hiroyama (https://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,570428/) kindly shared most of the original design document (Due to some of it being copyrighted), he spoke to the original developer (Dec 2022) who confirmed the game did have a prototype, the initial concept was good, but it was difficult to turn it into a game so it was cancelled halfway through, he also mentioned the 3DO's drawing ability was low and it was difficult in terms of speed. It did then start on the Saturn, but the speed was completely different and the game cancelled

Developer Tweet

I found Mr Hiroyama via Twitter on a tweet he posted - https://twitter.com/chimerabeast/status/1333484019191742466

He mentions the game and how its existantance, with a picture of the front of the original design document, the game would of been a cross between Marble Madness and Outrun. He also references a released game called Hydrium and Water Fairy Dewey's Great Adventure that was similar to his concept. He also posted his original photos from Shoto Park that he used as a reference.

Design Document

Page 1

Translated this is the planning and concept page, there is text (Below translated) and a picture of what is presumed to be Shoto Park:

Planning intention and concept

Rain drop

is an action game based on the recent global trend of returning to nature, that is, ecology. I chose water "Yumemizu" and "Forest" as the main characters, which play a very important role in protecting the ecosystem on this earth. Players will stop in the forest seen from Suje's perspective. Environmental prompt-like effects A forest of records, sparkling water droplets, the wind rustling the leaves, and beautiful graphics that express nature as it is, unlike any other, will freshen up the atmosphere of a stark game-filled location and attract new customers. It also helps attract. To give replayability With a low difficulty level, real-time game progression and a wide variety of multi-endings, and branching and multi-layered surface configurations, it is easy for beginners to play, and you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment and change every time you play. Since it can be held, the new dance will not change forever."

Page 2


It rained in a big forest. The raindrops trickle down through the layers of leaves and continue towards the greater stream of water.

Self cherry tree The last drop of rain that fell on his big forest was his machine. is constantly subjected to gravity and inertia, and continues to slide.

About own machine size The ship changes size under various conditions. (1) The leaves also have other droplets, By touching it, your ship will grow (2) Where there is time, with time "White machine size is getting bigger. (3) over time in the sunshine "Although the self-help size will be smaller, After a certain amount of time, the aircraft will evaporate. supplement It works in proportion to the size of the self-portrait size, the speed increases in the unoperated state, and the place that was fine with the zoom becomes a dangerous tip.

size Normal = 16D0T x 16DOT Maximum = 48DOT x 48DOT Minimum = 4DOT x 4DOT character Fig.01 is an image of the aircraft itself.

Page 3


Type Name Date Country Notes
Magazine Article 3DO Magazine Live Issue 4 Nov 94
Page 124 – Japan Coming Soon List
Magazine Article Weekly Famitsu Magazine Issue 347(JP) 11th Aug 95
Page 175-177 – Schedule - Regular article of upcoming titles