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3DO Company

===From the Wall Street Journal (sorry, no date available), typos are my own.===

3DO Co. Postpones Its Planned Offer Of Common Stock

By Jim Carlton - Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal

3DO Co. postoned a proposed stock offering amid concern by some investors over what they perceive as lackluster sales for the multimedia company.

The Redwood City, Calif., concern said it would shelve until at least after the first of the year the proposed offering of one million common shares, citing "unfavorable stock market conditions." Proceeds were to have helped fund operating expenses and capital spending of more than $60 million over the next 18 months. 3DO said it has no immediate need for the extra cash, since it has money on hand.

The move generated renewed anxiety among traders on Wall Street, where 3DO's stock value has fallen by more than 50% in recent weeks. The stock opened at $18.50 a share when 3DO went public last May and soard to a high of $48.25 in October as investors bet that 3DO's new technology for interactive entertainment would prove a rousing market success.

But the stock fell after reports by such market watchesr as Dan Dorfman on CNBC that sales of the 3DO Ineractive Multiplayer system appeared to be running lower than some investors expected. 3DO's stock closed yesterday at $23.75, up 25 cents in Nasdaq Stock Market trading.

"What it [postponing the offering] says is very simple: If the stock had been selling for $40 a share, they would have dones this offering." said Lee Isgur, an analyst for Volpe Welty & CO.

Officials of 3DO would not divulge sales figures for the player being marketed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. under the Panasonic brand. However some analysts said they believe about 30,000 of the players have been sold through November since the product's lauch in October, and that they expected total sales of between 40,000 and 50,000 through Christmas.

Matsushita is a 3DO investor, along with such other major companies as American Telephone and Telegraph Co. and Time Warner Inc.

Because 3DO had indicated in public filings that it expected less than 100,000 players to be sold during the Christmas season, the activity would appear to fall in line with what company officials anticipated. More recently, 3DO indicated that Panasonic had shipped about 50,000 players to retailers.

"We really feel that we are exactly where we had planned to be at this point." said 3DO spokeswoman Diane Hunt.

But some analyts said 3DO was so heavily "hyped" on Wall Street that anything below blockbuster sales is a disappointment. "People were expecting this to move off the shelves like nobody's business," said Mark Macgillivray of H&M COnsulting in Sunnyvale, Calif. 3DO's biggest handicap is the $699 price of its interactive player, which is considered far to high for mass sales.

Does anybody have info about the rumored emplant 3do in a cd-32 thingie

> > Yes, it is NOT true. I have checked it thoroughly with sources inside 3DO > and they'd never heard about this Emplant thing until they read about it on > the net. And it is NOT possible for these Emplant dufes to do a hostile > clone of the 3DO: it would take hundreds of man-years to reverse engineer > the graphics coprocessors alone. It's just a total hoax, most likely > cooked up by desperate Commodore shareholders. The guy who designed emplant (Jim Drew) stated in one of the amiga groups that he was looking into licensing the 3DO chips for a CD32 emplant. That's all, *looking into* licensing the chips. I think some people took this a bit too seriously...

Electronic Arts

From Dow Jones News 12-23-93 8:43AM Electronic Arts Inc. (ERTS) said it plans to showcase 13 titles for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system next month at the Winter Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Nev.

In a press release, the company said it plans to publish 20 to 30 3DO titles in 1994.

At the consumer electronics show, Electronic Arts plans to unveil interactive software such as: Shock Wave:Invasion Earth 2019; Road Rash; John Madden Football; and Fatty Bear's Brithday Surprise.

The 3DO system is manufactured by 3DO co. (THDO).

  • Japanese Title 3DOソフト 救命・救急手当のABC = "3DO Soft Lifesaving and Emergency Allowance ABC