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3DO Games

Game Region Code Type Developer Publisher Release Date Local Title Rarity
3D Atlas EU Non-game, Edutainment The MultiMedia Corporationl Electronic Arts 1994 1
3D Atlas NA Non-game, Edutainment The MultiMedia Corporation Electronic Arts 1994 1


The Multimedia Corporation, was an interactive design agency that started life out as the BBC's own multimedia unit, until the 90's when it was bought out by management and made into an independent unit, which was listed on London's AIM market.

The company traded until November 1997, when it ceased trading and instead became a shell company (A company with no employees or business), to be able to receive in royalties from its published games, which some of it went to pay off creditors.

The shell company eventually did a reverse takeover of another listed company, Illumnator, which took its name and the Multimedia Corporation name ceased. Illuminator Takeover


  • A Bun for Barney (1991)
  • 3D Atlas (1994) (With revisions later on)
  • Mensa Mindbendersn (1996)
  • Sophie's World (1997)
  • Oxford Children's Encyclopaedia (Unknown)
  • Wide World of Animals (Unknown)


The main logo is from the 3DO 3D Atlas box, as I cannot find a highres logo online. Sophie's World, which was their last release, seems to showcase a newer logo in the image gallery.