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Interview with Game Refuge CEO -

Toon Fighter Never Released Pick-Up Basketball Never Released Later that same year, The 3DO Company hired Game Refuge to do a tongue-in-cheek Cartoon Fighting game parody that featured a cast of comical characters (i.e. "Mort L Wombat") ...but unfortunately, 3DO went out of business a few months after the project was started. Incredibly, the exact same thing happened the following year during the creation of an ambitious 3D "Classic Street Baskeball" game for American Laser Games!

"As you can imagine; it is extremely disappointing when a project is cancelled due to circumstances beyond one's control; all of the above games featured fun gameplay innovations and enormous potential. To make matters worse, because we had designed and developed the games specifically for each Client, we couldn't finish or release them on our own.

Presuming he means the console cancellation rather than company folding. As the ALG timeline would make more sense then.