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  • Full Name: Tricks 3DO Book
  • Type: Strategy
  • Publisher: Progress
  • Linked Game: Various
  • Language: Russian
  • Release Date: 13th August 1996
  • Region: RU
  • Barcode:
  • Local Title: Tricks 3DO - Более 120 игр - описания, пароли, коды, секреты
  • Rarity: 1
  • Notes:

Research Notes

  • Need to spend time going through this book, its over 280 pages!


The book is dedicated to games for a set-top box, developed by the American company 3DO. It covers over 120 games for the PANASONIC 3DO modifications - FZ1, FZ10; GoldStar 3DO; Sanyo 3DO. This edition, in fact, is an encyclopedia of 3DO games - from the most popular to the newest ones that have just appeared in our country. Descriptions of games, codes, passwords, secrets, options for complete passage, useful tips, original game techniques are given.

This book opens the series "100% ..." dedicated to games for different models of video consoles.

The book is designed for a wide range of readers: from those who are just choosing a video console model to those who have already become an experienced gamer and a devoted fan of the 3DO console.