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  • 即戦力の定石(G・A・M) - Appears on alot of Japanese references sites as an unreleased game but cant find any info
  • RunAndGun at CES 1995 had another "unnamed" 3DO project in the works - 3DO Mag Issue 2
  • Jan 1995 Hobby Consolas issue page 145 contains a game "Fight For Live", which I am presuming is "Fight for Life" which was always a Jaguar only title made by Atari
  • Apr 1995 Hobby Consolas Issue 43 Pages 40-43- Info on EAs spanish distrubtor, claims that even though there is still no release date for the 3DO in Spain, Drosoft will still be releasing EAs 3DO library officially
  • Jun 1995 Hobby Consolas Issue 45 Page 142 - Coconut ad has "World Final"
  • Goldstar released 3DO officially in Spain in October 1995
  • Issue 45 Joystick, 3DO emulator for CD32 (Page 144)
  • Dragon Tales changed to Dragon Lore about May/June 1994
  • 3DO Mag Spring 95 - Interview with Robert Lindsey states no M2 dev kits had still not been sent out, however, as it uses alot of 3DO dev tools, and devs have access to an early emulate of what the M2 can do, it wont be an issue for Devs