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Laurie Ochsner CV, states he was working on Top Gun for Gravity Inc (The developer?), worked on delivery of the final milestone, including "Pressing of the CDs"

Also worked at 3DO on World Builders - PRODUCER/ GAME DESIGNER, The 3DO Company, Redwood City, CA (1992-1994)

Managed the design and development of "Worldbuilders," an educational astronomy/terraforming game done for Electronic Arts. Wrote scripts for gameplay and voice-overs; cast voice talent (Patrick Stewart). Contributed to UI and gameplay for "TwisTed!", one of 3DO's most successful games. Obtained legal permissions for the use of copyrighted material. Developed proposals for new title development. Helped direct the design and development of the U.S. West cable interface product for 3DO's TV set top box; designed product's User Interface. Programmed game and set-top box prototypes using Macromedia Director and Hypercard.


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