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The 3DO Maniac Pack is a bundle that includes four previously released titles - Way of the Warrior, Alone in the Dark, Battle Chess, and Out of This World. The bundle is packaged in a hanging longbox with a clear plastic window that displays the game disks. The bundle is extremely hard to find in good shape, as the box had to more or less be destroyed in order to get the game disks out.


Game Region Code Type Developer Publisher Release Date Local Title Rarity
Alone in the Dark
Survival horror I-Motion,Krisalis Software Interplay Productions August 3, 1994 1
Battle Chess
Chess Krisalis Software Interplay Productions 1993 1
Out of this World
Platform Interplay Productions,Lil Gangsters Entertainment Interplay Productions 1995 1
Way of the Warrior
Fighting Naughty Dog Universal Interactive Studios January 1, 1994 1