3DO REAL 1st Anniversary

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A collection of 7 playable game demos: Starblade, Road Rash, Shock Wave, Masters Harukanaru Augusta 3, Flopon Kun 3/2 (there was no disc in its pure form, included in the Furopon World collection), Alone in the Dark and Street Fighter II Turbo

On the Disc

Game Developer Publisher Content Type Note
Alone in the Dark I-Motion,Krisalis Software Interplay Productions Playable Demo
Flopon Kun 3/2 Warp Warp Playable Demo
Road Rash Monkey Do Productions,New Level Software Electronic Arts Playable Demo
Shock Wave The Advanced Technology Group Electronic Arts Playable Demo
Starblade HighTech Lab Japan Panasonic Playable Demo
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Capcom Panasonic Playable Demo
T&E Soft Presents: Masters: Harukanaru Augusta 3 T&E Soft Panasonic Playable Demo