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What we know

Research Overview

There is a reference of it in an EGM article giving a write up of the 3DO after 1993's E3, the game was going to be a "Cyberpunk adventure" internally called Project X.

It also stated that they had constructed a whole city, that would rival a big budget sci-fi films graphics.

It appears on the Panasonic Sampler released with the original FZ-1. However it mentions Acclaim and Spirit of Discovery as Publisher Developer (Spirit of Discovery is a trademark of Park Palace) at the end, however Park Palace is mention on an ingame shot.

The teaser states the following:

"This Hollywood-style interactive movie allows the player to control the action and determine the outcome of the movie's plot.

The players world is created with ultra high-quality realistic 3D graphics, exciting music and special effects.

Players control the hero's physical appearance, size and strength and decide where he will go in the 3D virtual world.

For more information call 800-722-8988. Copyright 1993 Spirit of Discovery

Distributed by Acclaim"


EGM August 1993, page 48 (Part of a bigger 3DO E3 article)


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