ESPN Football Quarterback

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What we know

  • Full Name: ESPN Football Quarterback
  • Type: Education
  • Developer: IntelliPlay
  • Publisher: IntelliPlay
  • Language: English
  • Planned Release Date: est 1994
  • Region: NA
  • Notes: Unknown reason for cancellation

Research Overview

Intelliplay released several titles for the 3DO, but it seemed 8 titles (Various Baseball and American Football Education Titles) got cancelled, the reason unknown, but presuming this was due to the limited sales of the system and with the titles being niche, it didn't make sense.

The series of games seemed to have started life branded "Intelliplay" and was changed to ESPN, reason unknown. This is shown on the US version of the Panasonic Sampler, the original ZAZ had Intelliplay branded trailers, while the later ZBZ had ESPN.


Type Name Date Country Notes
Magazine Article 3DO Magazine Live Issue 4 Nov 94
Page 126 – USA Coming Soon List
Retail Advert 3 3DO Magazine(US) Oct 1995 Oct 95
Page 48-49 – 4th Dimension Advert