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What we know

Research Overview

Article in EGM Nov 93, interview with Park Place, praising the 3DO, game was shown at that years e3 Game also seemed to be destined for the Jaguar, but was also canned (Started off under the name "American Football")

In July 2023 I spoke with the ex President of Park Place Productions, quote "we were involved in our own game but ran out of funding to complete it. Rather than ask 3DO for help, which I should have done, the programmer was assigned to another project that already had funding instead." Troy confirmed the game was not completed nor any documentation that he knows of exists today.


Screenshots were shown on the 3DO Interactive sampler 1 to really bad fan noises, this had the reference (c) Sports Forum...this would have been Park Productions sports division that would of been exclusively distributed via Acclaim

Press Release from Park Place Productions quote:

"Park Productions recently signed a licensing agreement with the 3DO Company, licensors of a new home CD-based entertainment system due out this fall, to publish a line of sports games under the sports forum label, that will exclusively be distributed by Acclaim Entertainment Inc. One will be a three dimensional-style Football game. The other will be based on Indy Car Racing. Park Place Productions sponsored three Galles Racing International Indy race cars and their drivers in conjunction with promotional efforts for May 93 Indy 500"


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